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Our New GDPR eLearning Course Is Here

LEO GRC is proud to unveil our brand-new GDPR eLearning course, which is now live and available for purchase.

Our team of experienced learning consultants has been working hard to create a GDPR eLearning course that is both informative and engaging—so your learners can quickly get up to speed with the new regulation.

At the end of our GDPR eLearning, you can expect your learners to understand:

  • Relevant law and regulation
  • Broader definitions of personal data—this is key to ensuring learners can identify the types of data to be protected, especially the more sensitive category
  • Issues associated with collecting, handling, transferring and disposing of personal data
  • The emphasis in the new regulation on the rights of the individual
  • How to identify and report breaches—a critical new area under the GDPR

The course covers all of the above key information in just 30 minutes. There is also a 10-question assessment so you can confirm that your employees have taken the key messages on board.

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GDPR eLearning: Our Highlights

Throughout the course, we’ve included a variety of features to engage learners in what is an essential topic for data protection compliance. This includes:

Striking Visual Identity

The way an eLearning course looks and feels can make or break learner engagement levels. Appearances are important. If a course looks dull, learners may conclude they are in for a dull experience overall.

Our design team has created a striking visual identity for the course, which is both modern and bright and appealing: it balances splashes of color and playful textures with stylish monochrome images.

Slick Transitions

We took inspiration from modern web design to create a rich interactive learning experience. Screen elements slide and bounce in to create slick screen transitions.

Beautifully Responsive

With mobile learning a priority for many organizations, our GDPR eLearning course has been designed to work beautifully across devices. Built in HTML5, the course scales to suit phone, tablet, and desktop displays.

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GDPR eLearning: Strategies That Make Knowledge Stick

Our learning designers used a range of instructional design strategies to sustain interest, embed knowledge, and help drive behavioral change.

Bite-Size Topics

Chunking up content reduces the cognitive load for the learner and provides a structured and paced learning journey. The course features six short topics, and a short introduction to set the context of the upcoming learning.

Real-World Context

One key way to drive behavioral change is to ground new knowledge in a real-world context. This challenges learners to apply their decision-making skills in realistic situations. In the course, we’ve included case studies and scenarios that can easily be tailored to your organization for extra impact.

Innovative Knowledge Checks

The course also has a ‘quick quiz’ feature. We’ve designed an attractive mini-quiz interaction which visually shows the learner’s score as they go along. This speedy knowledge check is a fun, informal way to get learners to recall their new GDPR knowledge.

Alongside this, each topic ends with a handy recap of the key points—another great way to drive home the key learning points. Alongside these strategies, there is also an assessment at the end of the course so you can formally gauge the effectiveness of the learning.

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GDPR eLearning and Awareness Infographic: Perfect Partners

The new course has the same look and feel as our recent GDPR awareness infographic video, which means they can be purchased together, as a suite.

Partnered in this way, you can implement a campaign-based learning approach which uses the infographic to pique interest and raise awareness, and then follows up with the elearning course to embed knowledge and behaviors.

Both products can, however, be purchased independently depending on your specific needs and required roll-out dates.

LEO has an extensive catalog of Governance, Risk and Compliance training courses. Browse our off-the-shelf GRC menu here and request a free trial.

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