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Cut Through the Hype: How to Create Great Digital Learning That Works

It’s very easy to get distracted by the latest trends and buzzwords in the digital learning world. But that can be pretty risky if your goal is to create effective, engaging learning. How can you cut through the hype to understand what you really need to create digital learning that works? Find out more.

Digital learning is an exciting, innovative place to be. The latest technologies and design approaches provide constant food for thought on the best ways to meet the needs of learners.

But sometimes these trends can take the focus away from our real goals: empowering people to learn effectively and ensuring that learning is embedded and supported long-term.

Cut Through the Hype With a Back-To-Basics Approach

That’s not to say the latest tools and trends aren’t ever the right solution—it’s just about going back to basics to really understand when and how they can be used for maximum effect.

When we think about what learning needs to achieve at a basic level, it’s often about:

  • Giving people the power to define their own learning journey
  • Connecting learners with each other in order to share insights and expertise
  • Reducing learning time and improving outcomes
  • Realizing value by captivating and challenging learners

With these fundamental goals in mind, you can challenge and interrogate every hype-worthy tool or approach to really understand its value—and its place in your learning design toolkit.

Get Practical Tips on Digital Learning That Works

In our webinar, How to Create Great Digital Learning That Works, we do just that: exploring the latest trends, tools, and buzzwords to understand their true value and purpose.

Ella Richardson, Principal Consultant, and Rose Benedicks, Strategic Consulting Lead, dive into:

  • Blended learning journeys – it’s more than just ‘mixing up’ the learning journey
  • Social learning – what does it take to really connect learners?
  • Zero-waste learning – what’s the true value of personalization?
  • VR, AR and gamification – what’s really going to engage and captivate your learners?

They get under the skin of each of these trends to give you valuable insights on how to use them effectively, along with plenty of practical examples.

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