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Exponential Rise of Mobile Explains Growth in Mobile Learning

PC desktop computing was one of the fundamental technical revolutions of recent human history.

The growth of PC computing in the workplace boomed from 1985 onwards and with it came the advent of CBT, which in turn ushered in elearning, via web delivery to a browser, replacing paper and eventually training programs on CD-ROMs.

PC computing, while still potent, is now falling compared to mobile computing. In fact the ascent of mobile computing, 358 million estimated iOS+Android (alone) vs. 336 million PCs in 2011 is both alongside and at the expense of its close neighbour, the PC.

As mobile devices are, after all, just smaller, more convenient, more portable computers, it’s not unreasonable that as CBT and elearning grew from the PC computing revolution, that mobile learning, in the form of apps and delivery to mobile browsers, will similarly follow mobile’s rapid and accelerating ascent.

As well as producing award winning mobile learning products, LINE also offers you the capability to create, manage and distribute mobile content across your organisation with our LINE Mobile Enterprise Platform.

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