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How to Harness Technology in the Workplace

The way individuals, businesses and the world as a whole thinks and works have been transformed dramatically over the past six or so years as technology, has become embedded in our lives. With more and more hardware and systems becoming a part of our lives, it’s only natural that it begins to impact the way we use technology in the workplace.

Technology in the workplace presents a huge opportunity for learning, with organisations who have already adopted technology seeing a 300% increase in learning application when compared to those who aren’t yet embedding tech. From creating learning that can be picked up on personal mobile devices to enhancing the sales process or retaining talent, embedding technology can directly improve how a business performs. Here are just a few of the possibilities for implementing technology in the workplace…

Introducing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Allowing a workforce to use devices can have a remarkable impact on how your business thinks. So much so that Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of employers will require a personal device is used for work. Aside from a large cost saving on devices (which is not to be sniffed at), bring your own device strategies allow your business to operate on the move, increasing productivity and decreasing downtime while travelling. From keeping up with email, the company’s social media accounts to working from Google Drive, there are loads of productivity-boosting benefits. With a BYOD policy in place, organisations can begin to implement mobile performance support and multi-device learning to assist workers with e-learning while they are in the field and away from their desks.

Enhancing the customer experience

With online shopping constantly threatening and changing bricks and mortar retail locations, the customer experience is highly important today. Introducing technology into the in-person retail experience can help to provide a more personal and prolific experience, taking away the need for retail staff to remember reams of product specifications and help them to focus on creating a memorable experience. LEO Learning has experience of introducing apps and tablets into automotive showrooms, assisting with technical sales by providing access to detailed specification and videos to show features that can’t be shown on a test drive while also making the whole retail experience slicker and more powerful.

Transforming onboarding

Personal devices can be harnessed to improve and kickstart the onboarding process. Creating learning that can easily be distributed to new employees within their welcome letter – something LEO Learning did with retail client Harrods – is a great way of taking hold of the excitement and potential engagement of a new employee. Harnessing technology for pre-induction training also has the potential to reduce speed to competence, avoid a drain on current staff assisting new starts and create a good first impression, all of which are highly important to successfully onboard and retain new staff.

Introducing technology to the workplace is central to learning innovation, which today is a priority for many businesses. Truly understanding how technology affects a business, and how tech can assist in improving it, is an important step in building tomorrow’s organisations. In collaboration with Towards Maturity, our ebook ‘How to Transform Learning’ is ideal further reading to help in understanding the need, and building the business case for, technology-enabled learning transformation. Download it here.

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