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Introducing Our Digital Learning Resources

Instructional designer turned Multimedia Producer Tim Webster introduces Epic’s expanded digital learning resources offering.

I’ve only had the pleasure of working with Epic for one year, but even in this short time I’ve seen and felt a passion to consistently deliver award-winning learning. It is with that same passion that I am delighted to leave my old role as an Instructional Designer behind and take on the new position of Multimedia Producer.

But I won’t be forgetting my time as a learning designer in a hurry. My new role fuses my experience as a designer with my long-held passion for video and motion-graphics production. With years of experience producing video content and interactive resources for both corporate organisations and educational institutions, and my first-hand experience of creating effective learning to draw on, my goal is to cement Epic’s position as a leader of digital learning resources.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about some the work that we’ve been doing for our clients, from video and animation to audio and infographics. Take a look at some examples in the short video below and you’ll see for yourself the real range of things we can do to support learning.

Now, more than ever, the tools available for producing digital learning resources offer new and exciting possibilities for creating engaging and immersive learner experiences – which is great for a company that is always looking ahead. Wherever we can, we work with our clients to lead the way in developing innovative and memorable digital learning resources that can be used as standalone assets or as just one part of a learning solution.

Going forward I will be blogging about my work on Epic’s digital learning resources and exploring trends and resources in the wider creative sphere. I hope you’ll tune in for my next post on interactive video next week.

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