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What the Future of Pharmaceutical Industry Learning Looks Like

It seems today as if every corner of the business world is facing a rapid rate of change – from shifting markets and customer demographics, to globalised offerings, amended legislation, new operational requirements, changing political boundaries and updated cultures of business and communication.

Each industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and the Pharma sector is certainly no different. Changing patient needs and patient demographics, advances in medical technology, complex healthcare systems and access to emerging markets are just some of the many Pharma and Life Sciences sector demands. All of these changes, set against the current global backdrop of massive digital transformation and business acceleration, have led to a growing need for Pharma people to learn and adapt. When it comes to training needs, there is a strong drive for everyone working in the industry to be more patient-focussed in their thinking.

To find out how learning can support people to adapt to this dynamic new landscape, we’ve been asking Pharma and Life Sciences professionals from a variety of large, multi-national companies what you see as the big challenges that the industry faces. We’ve spoken with existing customers, people that we have met at events, and consultants working across a broad range of disciplines in the industry who’ve all shared their wisdom, observations and challenges.

From these conversations, a number of recurring themes have emerged. This ebook gives an insight into some of the learning challenges that are being experienced throughout the industry, together with LEO Learning’s thinking around how digital technology can support learning in the future.

The big themes and challenges for pharmaceutical industry learning

  1. Technology is becoming more embedded in healthcare. We need our people to better understand the future digital landscape.”
  2. “Our teams need to understand complex products so that they can engage with our stakeholders.”
  3. “Just like other businesses, we need to develop our talent and improve leadership and management skills – learning needs to be specifically tailored to our industry.”
  4. “We need much better clinical/commercial convergence. All of our teams need to be more aware of the commercial landscape.”
  5. “We need to deliver compliance training in ways that really affect how people behave, and we need to measure the impact.”
  6. “We want to create a learning culture for our staff, as well as provide learning for diverse audiences which include patients, clinicians, payers and other stakeholders.”

Download the full version, which includes potential solutions and client success stories.

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