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Preparing for the Electrification Revolution

Until relatively recently, electric cars were considered futuristic, and even mocked by car buyers and people within the automotive industry. But these days, electrification has become increasingly widespread, and the mood has shifted to one of intense excitement among businesses, and increasing curiosity and demand among customers.

While there have been varying responses from the automotive industry to electrification, it’s clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are very different from the battery-powered vehicles we are used to. The move to EV brings a new world of exciting possibilities, not just in terms of educating buyers, but also automotive industry workers.

Challenges of electrification

The challenges of electrification and how to keep up is the subject of a LEO Learning podcast, recorded with Paul Hemingway, Jaguar Land Rover’s Electrification Go To Market Project Manager and LEO Learning’s Account Director, Sophie Miller.

Jaguar Land Rover and LEO Learning have built a great relationship together during a decade of successful learning partnerships, and this period has seen a palpable shift in the landscape. Zero-emission cars, for example, are clearly seen as the way forward for the industry now.

Jaguar Land Rover and LEO Learning’s collaboration has set the learning benchmark to deliver:

  • quality learning at speed
  • strategic consistency
  • market flexibility

In the podcast, Paul discusses what he calls the “EV revolution”. Paul is not alone in seeing this as arguably the biggest change in the automotive industry for 120 years.

Setting elearning training standards

While many manufacturers are expecting to offer plug-in options soon, there is no precedent for how to prepare for this new era of automotive electrification.

Jaguar Land Rover’s all-electric sports car, the I-PACE, will launch in 2018, but the training required for staff is very different from the usual knowledge employees have previously been given in the build-up to product launch.

Occasionally, as Paul reflects, Jaguar Land Rover has produced brand-based courses. But companies now need to offer training for strategy and focus on business drivers and the importance of industry changes to the entire organisation.

Customer-facing employees have always needed to be more knowledgeable than clients, but the rapid rise of electrification as a trend makes it a relatively new topic for most staff.

At the same time, would-be buyers have often carried out their own research online, finding a broad range of information about the emerging technology.

For retail staff and heads of business, it’s a question of comprehensive training to ensure that customers are directed towards the best car for them. PHEV vehicles, for instance, might suit buyers who regularly make short trips, but would not be a good fit for a customer who regularly drives long distances. As Paul points out, sales teams and customers need to be educated on the benefits of PHEVs so that they can make the choice that matches their needs.

A path to success

Jaguar Land Rover has enjoyed significant success and consistently positive feedback on the learning it has created with LEO Learning around electrification. As strategic partners, LEO Learning shared the journey into new territory with Jaguar Land Rover, and Sophie speaks of the pleasure the team experienced in working on the project.

With e-mobility looking likely to affect almost all vehicles by 2030, the aims for training programmes, not just for the automotive sector, should include:

  • Upskilled workforces with a deep understanding of electrification
  • Happy customers whose expectations are met by products
  • The correct information being provided at the right time
  • An agile response as demand increasingly surpasses supply

Innovative learning technologies have a vital role to play in meeting these ambitions, and the opportunities for growth are immense for organisations who stay ahead of the trend.

The podcast offers a perfect introduction if you’re looking to explore the issues around electrification and how to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Want to be prepared for electrification? Contact us today to find out how LEO Learning can future-proof your organization.

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