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Insights on Today’s L&D Landscape: Leo Learning’s Sean Nugent Talks to Learning News

Sean Nugent, Senior Account Director at LEO Learning, spoke to Learning News recently to share his insights on the L&D landscape and LEO Learning’s current focus. Find out more in this blog.

Talking to Learning News at this year’s World of Learning event, Sean spoke about three key areas where we are working with clients to transform their learning:

  • Measuring the business impact of learning
  • Learning ecosystems
  • High-quality learning content

Measuring the business impact of learning

Sean noted that one of the biggest challenges many L&D departments face is having to justify the work they do with measurable results.

“L&D departments are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that the investments they make have results.”

At LEO Learning, we know there is now a lot of learning data available to L&D teams and we are helping our clients to gather it. The key challenge to demonstrate business impact is to join that data to business performance data.

As Sean mentions, we’re lucky to be able to work closely with our sister company, Watershed. Their LRS enables organisations to collect business performance and learner data in one place to generate the insights needed to demonstrate business impact.

Learning ecosystems

Sean also spoke extensively about another key area of focus for LEO Learning, ecosystems.

“The challenge isn’t necessarily to introduce new technology; it’s to ensure that the technology you do have in place is joined together in the right way to produce the right results.”

Our approach to learning ecosystems isn’t always about putting in new systems or tools, as we know that’s a big challenge for many organisations. We focus on bringing in the right expertise and technology to create learning ecosystems with what our clients already have in place.

As Sean mentions in the video, often our approach to creating a learning ecosystem is focused on connecting current systems using technologies, such as xAPI. This means our clients get the most out of what they already have and can choose to layer in additional tools as and when needed to enhance their learning delivery.

High-quality learning content

“We also see that a lot of organisations know their people demand high-quality content. The bar is now a lot higher.”

Today’s modern learners are more demanding as they now compare what they can watch and interact with in their personal lives to what they experience at work. The ‘binge watching generation’ expect high-quality learning content.

At LEO Learning, we understand there are situations where a lo-fi approach, maybe filmed on a phone, will be the right solution – perhaps if it’s a quick roll-out or budgets are low.

But increasingly, we are seeing the need for higher production values. Our moving image team is delivering more and more broadcast quality drama and interactive video. And, as Sean notes, the feedback we receive is that learners really appreciate the authenticity and quality of these high-production solutions.

Learning games are another area of continued focus for LEO Learning. People are playing consumer products which have very high production value – and the challenge for L&D is how to match that quality with much lower budgets. As Sean mentions in the video, we’re now developing game-based learning that is making great progress in meeting the expectations of today’s learners.

Watch the full video

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