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Help L&D Thrive: The 2019 ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning’ Survey

It’s time to share your insights, challenges and progress on measuring the business impact of learning with our annual survey.

LEO Learning’s landmark survey is now in its third year. For the past two years, we have surveyed hundreds of global organisations to capture L&D’s progress in measuring the business impact of learning – with fascinating results.

Last year’s survey saw a significant leap in the pressure on L&D executives to measure the impact of learning. We also found that 96% of respondents were putting learning measurement high on their agenda for 2018 and beyond.

2019: A turning point in the drive to measure business impact?

We believe that this coming year marks a turning point for L&D in the drive for measuring learning impact.

As previous results show, there’s strong intention to implement measurement strategies, as well as some pressure on L&D professionals to do so.

This year we want to find out if that intention and pressure has resulted in a shift to real, practical measurement activity.

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New imperatives for data-driven learning measurement

At LEO Learning, we’re working with a growing number of organisations who are implementing data collection strategies that deliver a detailed view of the effectiveness of their learning programmes. This means they can use data insights to personalise and improve learning to better meet learners’ needs.

That’s why in this year’s survey we’ve added two new questions that aim to gauge the appetite for data-driven learning, or what we call ‘design by data’.

We’re curious to see if the use of data to deliver personalised learning is becoming a strategic driver for L&D professionals.

Help L&D thrive in a data-driven business landscape

As businesses worldwide become increasingly data-driven, the need for L&D to become highly skilled at using data becomes paramount.

We know that L&D delivers real impact on business success but that this impact is still not visible in many organisations. This survey is part of our commitment to keep driving our industry forward, to ensure that L&D cements its place in the operating DNA of businesses.

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