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Why You Should Create a Culture of Learning Within Your Organisation

The business environment is constantly changing, with many companies feeling the pressure to keep up with these changes in order to stay ahead of the competition. Developing a culture of learning is no longer a secondary priority if a business wants to succeed and to keep their staff happy too.

Learning is human nature; we are always eager to absorb new information all around us, especially in the workplace. This is true whether it is about our own job skills, the company policies and procedures or the environment around us. Are you taking advantage of this within your organisation and driving it forward?

“Unlike other capital investments, the value of learning appreciates rather than depreciates.” Dr Christopher Lee

The benefits to creating a culture of learning

Increased employee engagement

By making staff feel valued and increasing their knowledge and ability, a direct positive impact on productivity, staff retention, employee and customer satisfaction is created.

An enhanced ability for workers to adapt to change

Whether it be an organisational change or the introduction of a new technology, when your staff are used to learning new skills, the bigger changes won’t slow you down.

A culture of knowledge inquiry, sharing and problem solving

When a culture of learning has been embedded, staff will begin to learn from each other too. Knowledge sharing and problem solving become second nature.

Enhanced creativity and innovation

Encouraging learning and new ideas can lead to creativity and innovation across the entire organisation.

Leadership development

Maximise the potential value of your existing staff by recognising their talents and helping them grow. Not only will this benefit the business but they’ll be happier and stay for longer too.

Building a “growth mindset” within employees and across the organisation

By creating a culture of learning, workers can start to see their own potential and develop a new mindset. Encourage workers to see the opportunity to grow in all situations and challenges they face.

Find out more about how to create a culture of learning by getting in touch with LEO Learning today.

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