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Creating a Business Strategy For Non-Profit eLearning

LEO Learning’s team of strategists and learning consultants enjoy helping organisations to form and express their L&D vision at all levels. In this LEO Learning case study, we take a look at how a one-day workshop on non-profit elearning helped one organisation to lay strong foundations for its training programmes.

Having spent more than a century supporting communities in crisis and relief efforts around the world, this humanitarian aid organisation carries out work which saves lives. This means that its funds need to be used in ways which provide the greatest value possible, including its non-profit elearning aims.

To achieve this, the organisation set out to define numerous aspects of its learning strategy, including its goals, context, high-level strategic vision, culture, tools and risks.

The importance of setting a learning strategy in non-profit elearning

With the help of two face-to-face workshops and two webinars facilitated by LEO Learning, the organisation now has a much clearer, more confident vision for its L&D objectives, processes and outcomes, which can be easily and effectively communicated to staff, stakeholders, partners and the public.

As this is non-profit elearning, one of the key ambitions for the group is to use funds in highly efficient, targeted and measurable ways.

Working collaboratively, LEO Learning briefed the organisation’s leaders on best business strategy, how to formulate a strong vision, the path to achieving that vision and what it would mean for the organisation.

A workshop examining what ‘good’ might look like, specific to the organisation, was designed to trigger thinking about learning and the types of learning interventions that might be most effective – whether they are small, tactical interventions or processes focused on the long-term requirements of the company.

During the consulting sessions, LEO Learning compiled examples of what the best outcomes might look like, based on our wide-ranging global experience, and asked our collaborators to reflect and present their thoughts, which our experts, like Director of Strategic Design, Andrew Joly, then helped to hone.

New ways of strategic thinking

It was clear that an exciting future lay ahead for the organisation. “The challenge was how to articulate our strategy”, says one of the directors who took part in the consultation workshop.

“We had all of the elements – a lot of the insights, tacit knowledge and know-how – but it was how to make it into a good, strong narrative, so that we could tell and explain it to stakeholders and others, and also to ourselves.

“We wanted to define some of the things that we knew already and put them into a clear strategy. LEO Learning challenged us on some of those assumptions and brought in new thinking, as well.”

With such a rich history, learning professionals at the company were very used to the organisation’s traditional ways of thinking and presenting strategies. The chance to create something different in non-profit elearning was enticing.

“LEO Learning pushed us out of our comfort zone and gave us a different perspective which was good, and a lot cleaner,” says the participant. “We now have a foundational strategy document that tells the story of our learning and development.”

Non-profit elearning with purpose

The L&D team has received very positive feedback after presenting its new L&D strategy to staff and colleagues, and they are confident about enjoying more success when the strategy is fully implemented.

“People understand it, which is even more important. It will be refined, but it’s got a really good foundation to start from. They’re quite impressed that we’re thoughtful about learning, rather than just throwing things into programmes and services ad-hoc. People like that.

“We got to a point where we could tell a story. We’ve had sessions with staff and directors, put it on paper, and we can tell the story and know what it is.”

The organisation’s new learning strategy allows it to face the future with confidence, and is a good example of how LEO Learning can ensure non-profit elearning is built for success and drives learning impact.

Want to discover how LEO Learning can help your organisation? Contact us today to find out how global organisations are benefitting from the LEO Learning ‘health check’ and our consulting expertise in learning strategy.

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