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Time Is Running Out to Take Part in Leo Learning’s Measuring the Business Impact of Learning Survey

L&D professionals have less than a week left to have their say in LEO Learning and Watershed’s latest survey on Measuring the Business Impact of Learning, which is an important opportunity for organisations to influence the latest thinking on measurement.

A large number of people and organisations have already helped to shape the study since it launched at the start of November. It aims to build upon the insights gained from last year’s survey, in which more than 350 global organisations participated.

An appetite for measurement

One of the lessons to come out of the initial research was the struggle large organisations face in deriving strategic benefit from learning innovation and technology.

In order to secure budget, almost all L&D teams need to demonstrate the business impact of what they are doing.

Last year’s survey showed that an overwhelming majority of L&D professionals want to use analytics and data techniques to achieve this and improve the quality of learning. More than three-quarters of them also believe that it is possible to evidence learning impact.

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Overcoming barriers to measurement

This time around, the survey aims to build on the benchmarks established during last year’s L&D survey to discover how businesses have changed and what progress is being made.

Many learning professionals have spent years talking about measuring learning impact, but we now have the capability and the tools to correlate data with learning activity. You might already be doing this, but the aim should be to put in sustainable measurement strategies to do so.

This is also a great opportunity for you to get involved and suggest any strong examples of measurement you have seen within your company, as well as offer your view on what the greatest challenges of measuring impact are in your work.

Your chance to share your measurement story

LEO Learning and Watershed’s ‘Measuring the business impact of learning’ survey has also revealed a wide range of opinions on issues surrounding the subject of measurement and using a big data approach.

Piers Lea, LEO Learning’s Chief Strategy Officer, said: “Please add your voice to hundreds of large organisations to see the trends in measuring the business impact of learning.”

With live results, Piers added, “You will be able to see the results to date as soon you have completed the main questions.”

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