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12 Months of Moodle

This month we take a look back at some of the achievements of Epic’s open source work over the past year. It’s been a busy one for us, and Epic’s open source services are running at three times the revenue they were at this time last year. Moodle remains a primary focus but we have branched out and there is some excellent work we have done with other open source products too.

Here’s a look back at some of the great work we’ve been doing at Epic.

training portal for Bridgestone Europe which aims to bring each First Stop store up to the coveted five-star rating. In addition to a series of e-learning modules, Epic created a bespoke, on-brand Moodle platform. The graphical menu contains five main areas representing different categories of learning and has a range of advanced functionality for administrators, including bespoke reporting and customisation options. The site has been a real success and is now being localised into 12 languages.

compliance training portal for Aviva around a key strategic learning programme rolled out to its senior global staff. This included custom reports on completion statistics for each e-learning module, a range of features to define and support Aviva’s global organisation hierarchy, scheduled reports sent by email to division managers, completion reminder emails for users and more.

Moodle 1.9 to 2 upgrades for highly customised sites including Resuscitation Council UK, Kellogg’s, NHS East of England and Homes and Communities Agency.

compliance training LMS Imperial College NHS Trust which allows them to manage their Statutory and Mandatory training programme. Users see a handy red, amber or green status on their course menu along with due dates for their compliance courses. We were able to completely remove day-to-day administrative tasks by automatically enrolling staff onto appropriate courses based on their job grouping imported from Active Directory.

multi-tenant LMS for the charity KIDS in which we extended the Moodle ‘cohorts’ feature to allow KIDS to set up each of their customers, add logos, assign specific courses and assign a customer manager who can then add users, enrol them onto courses and run reports.

research Moodle for Wikimedia Foundation, part of the 2012 Epic and Oxford University research study which aimed to establish a methodology for conducting a large-scale online research project.

More LMS projects for the NHS including some nicely designed Moodle sites for London Trauma Office and Southampton Hospitals.

An academic VLE for Reaseheath College, an agricultural Further Education college launching Moodle this month to their new year’s intake.

new theme for International Baccalaureate Organisation, part of their wider Moodle 2 upgrade programme which was presented at this month’s Moodle Research Conference in Crete. “Innovation in Flexible and Collaborative Learning: Moving from theory into practice in Moodle 2.2” is available on Slideshare.

We also launched an Ethics strategy that underpins all of our open source work and presented this to our customers, which frames our community work and provides our customers with peace of mind that work we undertake for them will be fed upstream to the Moodle project in a well managed and responsible manner. We have since had our first Activity Module accepted into the Moodle Plugins database called Webinar, which allows Adobe Connect webinars to be managed and run from within Moodle. We’ve also made significant contributions to maintainers of other modules we use regularly, including the Face-to-face activity module and the Signup enrolment plugin.

In the Moodle community space, I was asked to present two sessions at Moodlemoot UK and Ireland. I also teamed up with the University of Sussex’s e-learning team to establish the monthly Moodle Brighton meetup (first Thursday of every month at The Skiff, Brighton if you’d like to come along!)

On the WordPress front we proudly launched our new website this month at epiclearninggroup.com (now at leolearning.com/), a WordPress 3 site that uses the WordPress Networks functionality whereby a single applications runs multiple sites: this is being used to run our UK and Brazil websites as well as our company intranet. We are particularly proud of the responsive design principles that the site is built on. You may have heard other people talking about responsive design but haven’t seen anyone practice what they preach yet, and if so I encourage you to view our website on a smart phone to see it in action.

No doubt the next 12 months will be just as busy and productive for the Open Source team at Epic.

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