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Leading the Learning Revolution: Approaches to Changing Behaviour in the Workplace

Technology is creating exciting new opportunities for Learning and Development teams. But not everyone knows how to embrace this new wave of change. To help you get to grips with the learning revolution, our webinar looks at trends that will help on the path to changing behaviour in the workplace.

At a time when the opportunities to create transformation through learning are burgeoning, there are a few trends that are genuinely enabling behaviour change. We’re looking forward to discussing some of them in more detail during our forthcoming leading the learning revolution webinar.

But for now, here’s a teaser.

Changing behaviour in the workplace using ecosystems

Whether it’s measuring the business impact of learning, aligning a strategy with key business objectives, combining established and new technologies or improving your existing learning infrastructure, there are lots of steps you can take to begin revolutionising your learning.

Arguably the most powerful first move you can make is to seriously consider creating a learning ecosystem.

On a side note, there’s still some L&D confusion about what a learning ecosystem truly is. As a simplified definition, we’re talking about ecosystems as being more than a blend; they’re about what’s going on in the back-end of the system too.

A well thought-out ecosystem, as some of the largest organisations in the world are successfully discovering, is a solution that meets the specific needs of your business and users.

In the case of one major leadership programme we helped to shape, the ecosystem incorporated several different creative learning formats. It also incorporated learner-produced content, online collaboration and much more.

By revolutionising the learner experience through a blend, the organisation and its learners created a flow of content and tools, engagement, networking and knowledge management.

How to add a personal touch

We’ll touch on personalisation of learning in the webinar, which can be part of a much more efficient and engaging approach to achieving success with changing behaviour in the workplace.

Personalisation is a highly effective way of providing tailored, relevant information that feels meaningful to the learner and gives them confidence in the L&D team and trust in their learning pathway.

We’ll show you a case study demonstrating how learning can and should be an adventure rather than a chore. Also, we’ll look at how the personal touch leads to better analytics, support, pathways and behaviour change outcomes.

Aligning individuals with learning that best meets their particular needs is an excellent way of reducing barriers to acceptance. Asking learners to identify their passions and areas of interest was just one way in which we started to help a global organisation create a more exciting user experience. We’ll take a look at some of the other methods we worked on together during the webinar.

Fun, engaging approaches to changing behaviour in the workplace

Gamification has become something of an industry buzzword. But when designed well, its impact on behaviour change can be powerful.

Some of the techniques you could introduce with gamification include:

  • Awards and badges
  • Time pressure
  • Levels
  • Leaderboards

In the webinar, we’ll discuss some of the other gamification elements you might include in courses that target changing behaviour in the workplace. We’ll also talk about how realistic scenarios and simulations can help, as well as the benefits of gameplay.

At LEO Learning, we often talk about Learning Modes which drive all of our blended design approaches. Games are rich in these too, including opportunities to create, experiment, fail and win.

Tune in for essential tips

Watch our webinar recording with Rose Benedicks, LEO Learning’s Strategic Consulting Lead, and Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, to find out what opportunities for transformation would suit your organisation and how to overcome your current learning challenges. Wherever you are on your learning journey, our webinar on changing behaviours in the workplace will help.

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