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LEO GRC Launches New Microlearning Modules for Governance, Risk, and Compliance Training

LEO GRC (formerly Eukleia) has launched new bite-sized eLearning modules to help organizations manage compliance training at speed and at scale in the face of changing needs for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) training during and beyond COVID-19.

LEO GRC, LEO Learning’s expert-led division offering Governance, Risk, and Compliance training and eLearning courses, has developed new microlearning compliance modules as part of an initiative called ‘Take 5 learning’.

The modules contain five-minute learning solutions that deliver key GRC messages and remind staff of their responsibilities through “quickfire” scenarios focused on current risks and remote working.

“A lot of compliance training modules can take half an hour or more to complete. By using microlearning principles, the Take 5 training allows time-poor employees to stay up to date without adding even more screen time to their busy schedules,” said Sue West, Client Service Director at LEO.

The modules, designed in response to client needs, allow learners to take just five minutes to meet their GRC training needs across three key areas (with more being developed):

  • Data Protection
  • Information Security
  • Market Conduct

Focusing on areas that are strongly impacted by mass remote working, these modules aim to provide organizations with an efficient way to roll out GRC training to employees worldwide. The modules are scenario-based, to help increase engagement with the material and combat screen/learning fatigue faced by many remote workers. LEO GRC has used microlearning principles to create the modules to ensure they take no more screen time than is necessary.

Each module contains five scenarios, from spotting scam calls and understanding the risks of social media, through to ways of handling confidential information when you’re working from home.

The Take 5 modules are released in February 2021 and available from LEO GRC from the links below:

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