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LEO Learning Joins Gomo-Led How-To Webinar Series on eLearning for a Home-Based Workforce

LEO Learning’s Lead Learning Designer, Nic Price, is joining sister company Gomo’s four-part webinar series for companies and individuals now faced with a need to transition their training programs from face-to-face to digital, or increase the scale of their digital offering quickly.

LEO’s sister company, Gomo, the cloud-based eLearning authoring, delivery and analytics platform, is presenting a four-part series of webinars specially tailored to companies and employees who now find themselves working from home due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The highly practical series, ‘eLearning for a Home-Based Workforce’, runs from Thursday 16 April until Tuesday 5 May and all recordings will be made available to watch on-demand for interested parties who cannot attend.

The how-to webinar series is presented by Gomo’s Huw Edwards, who has over seven years of experience supporting organizations with their authoring tool needs. Huw is joined by expert guests from sister companies within Learning Technologies Group, LEO Learning and Watershed (learning analytics experts).

“Many people in L&D find themselves in a position where learning they had planned as face-to-face must now be completed remotely,” said co-presenter and Lead Learning Designer, Nic Price. “We're going to explore how to respond quickly and effectively to put in place alternatives, considering the different options and how they may be used to best effect. We'll touch on various methods but particularly on the use of eLearning.”

Details of the sessions and sign-up options are below:

1. How to Move Training Online Quickly

Presenters: Huw Edwards, Gomo and Nic Price, Lead Learning Designer, LEO Learning
Date: Thursday 16 April 2020
Session objectives:

  • Practical tips on gathering course information quickly and effectively
  • How to translate this to eLearning—what works, what doesn’t
  • Easy ways to create a simple eLearning course, including course examples

2. How to Address Home-Working Training Challenges

Presenters: Huw Edwards, Gomo and Nic Price, Lead Learning Designer, LEO Learning
Date: Tuesday 21 April 2020
Session objectives:

  • Issues that may arise with home workers and training (i.e. learner engagement and motivation)
  • How to address these issues with your strategy
  • How to address these issues with your eLearning

3. How to Create Great eLearning Content

Presenters: Huw Edwards, Gomo and Nic Price, Lead Learning Designer, LEO Learning
Date: Tuesday 28 April 2020
Session objectives:

  • Top tips for eLearning content creation
  • Other learning element tips if considering a blended learning solution
  • Examples of great content in action

4. How to Analyze and Improve Your eLearning

Presenters: Huw Edwards, Gomo, Nic Price, Lead Learning Designer, LEO Learning, and Ali Zaheer, Learning Analytics Strategy Consultant, Watershed
Date: Tuesday 5 May 2020
Session objectives:

  • Why learning measurement is important
  • How to gather data easily
  • What lessons can be learned from that data
  • How to apply lessons simply and what to prioritize

“In these unprecedented times, we’re excited to present this practical webinar series, covering the end-to-end needs of training in our current ‘working-from-home’ realities,” said Gomo’s Huw Edwards. “Topics include how to quickly and easily take training from a face-to-face environment to a digital one, the challenges of training a workforce that works from home, creating engaging eLearning content, and ways to analyze the effectiveness of eLearning.”

If you’re reacting to the needs of a newly remote workforce and facing decisions about distance learning, our learning experts are available to discuss a range of solutions. Get in touch.

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