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LEO Learning to Sponsor New Towards Maturity in Focus Report on Demonstrating Business Impact

As a Founding Ambassador, LEO Learning is proud to sponsor Towards Maturity’s upcoming In-Focus report, which uses the findings of the 2015-16 Benchmark to answer questions around how L&D can demonstrate business impact.

This brand-new report will dig deep into the data to analyse some key questions, such as ‘how can L&D impact both organisational and business performance’ and ‘what are the tactics of the most successful organisations?’

The report will be released in June, but in the meantime, Toward Maturity have released some early findings. Here’s a sneak peak of those findings, which can be found on their website.

Today’s L&D leaders understand the importance of data in demonstrating value but we’re failing to act on it:

  • 96% of L&D leaders in the study are looking to improve the way they gather and analyse data on learning impact.
  • However, only 17% are achieving it in 2015 – a figure that has dropped from 26% in 2010.

Only half of us think about impact at the beginning of the learning process:

  • 55% analyse the business problem before recommending a solution
  • 31% identify KPI’s up front with business that they want to achieve
  • 36% have a plan for how we will meet the agreed business metrics/KPIs

Even fewer think about impact at the end of the process:

  • 17% measure specific business metrics when evaluating the effectiveness of learning technologies

Learning impact is more than just traditional ROI but few of us are capturing and sharing stories of success:

  • 40% encourage peer-to-peer feedback about the impact of learning
  • 26% publicise the successes of individuals

The full report will include use cases and suggested actions, in addition to brand-new data. To be the first to access the report, please head over to Towards Maturity to register your interest today and follow us on social media @leolearning to stay up to date with the latest news.

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