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LTG/LEO Learning Recognised as a ‘Strategic Leader’ on 2018 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning

LTG and LEO Learning’s strength and depth of capability is highlighted by a rising trajectory as a Strategic Leader in the 2018 Fosway 9-Grid for Digital Learning.

Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) has been positioned as a Strategic Leader on the annual Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning for the second consecutive year. LTG is the publicly listed parent company of a dynamic and growing group of specialist learning technology businesses in the vanguard of digital learning.

As experts in learning and engagement, LEO Learning Learning delivers expertise and technological capabilities to the world’s leading organisations on behalf of LTG.

Fosway’s 9-Grid™ shows the relative position and ranking of organisations, primarily across the UK and Europe, as defined by the leading independent HR analysts. LTG/LEO Learning has been recognised as a high-performing ‘Strategic Leader’ when analysed across the categories of performance, potential, market presence, total cost of ownership and future trajectories.

‘Strategic Leaders’, as defined under Fosway’s 9-Grid™ analysis, are described as companies that “provide a rich suite of capability across a broad scope of features, and have the sophistication to meet the needs of complex, enterprise-scale customers. They also have strong market performance and customer advocacy.”

“The continued expansion of LTG over the last year has further strengthened its offering in the digital learning market, and enhanced its capabilities when dealing with the more sophisticated needs of enterprise level customers,” says David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group.

“Content alone is no longer enough to meet the demands of today’s workplace learning. And LTG’s range of products and services provide that greater level of innovation, choice and performance required in a Strategic Leader.”

“We’re thrilled to have a positive trajectory within the Strategic Leader zone,” says Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer for LTG and LEO Learning.

“It really does demonstrate the strength and depth of the capability we now offer the market through LEO Learning and the brilliant LTG companies.

“We continue to focus on profound partnerships with our clients to help them achieve measurable strategic results.”

The industry recognition follows LEO Learning Learning being named Company Of The Year at the 2017 Learning Technologies Awards, and comes at a time when Fosway’s Group 9-Grid™ is continuing its shift from pure-play elearning to digital learning, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the market.

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