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LEO GRC Developing New Modern Slavery Training With Stronger Together

LEO GRC and industry group Stronger Together have partnered to produce two new courses on tackling modern slavery, one aimed at businesses in the UK, and one global.

In 2015, LEO and Stronger Together developed courses on modern slavery targeted at supervisors and recruiters. These were launched to coincide with the implementation of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and have since been taken by over 36,000 people globally.

Chief Learning Officer, Michael Sacks, recently participated in a webinar on Human Rights Training. One point raised was the need for human rights training to be targeted if it is to achieve real behavioral change.

Anti-Modern Slavery Training

The new ‘Tackling Modern Slavery’ courses were developed with this principle in mind. They will expand the reach of the training, helping more people learn how to identify and address forced labor, while keeping the content focused on particular audiences.

This approach will ensure that the training continues to be relevant to learners and to help them understand what they personally can do to fight modern slavery.

'Stronger Together - Tackling Modern Slavery in UK Businesses' along with several other courses on forced labour and anti-modern slavery are now available.

Stronger Together was launched in 2013 as a collaborative business-led initiative to equip UK employers and recruiters with the practical knowledge and resources to tackle modern slavery by providing free good practice guidance and tools through their website and so support industry to combat forced labor, labor trafficking and other hidden worker exploitation in their business and supply chains.

To find out more about our anti-modern slavery training offering, including custom courses and instructor-led training, get in touch. Alternatively, view our catalog of off-the-shelf eLearning courses.

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