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NHS Leadership Academy Wins Gold at the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards

LEO Learning is delighted to announce that its pioneering virtual campus for two of the NHS Leadership Academy’s programmes has won gold at the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2016.

The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EiP) recognise outstanding and impactful Learning & Development partnerships in the domains of Leadership, Professional, Talent and Organisation Development.

The NHS Leadership Academy, created by a KPMG-led consortium including LEO Learning, Manchester Business School, The University of Birmingham, Harvard, National Voices, Cumberlege Eden & Partners, Unspun and other partners, delivers the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and the Nye Bevan programmes to around 10,000 NHS leaders over three years, helping improve NHS leadership for better patient care.

The large-scale blended programme incorporates multi-device learning, video-based scenarios, performance support, assessments and an online portfolio set within an innovative virtual campus, along with face-to-face training sessions and residentials. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson participants graduate with a master’s degree in Healthcare Leadership, while participants in each Nye Bevan cohort, the first of which graduated in March 2015, receive an NHS Leadership Academy award in Executive Healthcare Leadership.

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