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A Blend of Instructor-Led and Video Content for Global Conduct Risk Training for a Major International Bank

The Challenge

We were engaged by the global banking division of a major international bank to develop and deliver a substantial conduct training project in response to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority’s Conduct Risk initiative. There were a number of challenges, including striking the right tone in the materials, encouraging challenge and decision-making on difficult and subjective topics, and driving sustained behavioral change. The materials were also to be delivered to a large, global audience, including translation and rebuild for 13 languages.

  • Blended Learning

  • Video

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The Solution

Given the nature of the project, we proposed an instructor-led classroom-based solution. In order to promote engagement and to sustain the learners’ interest throughout the half-day training session, we proposed the use of group exercises and voting buttons (with a fun competitive dimension) and the use of film clips. We also proposed the development of two original, scripted scenario-based videos to illustrate the key behavioral change concepts and promote discussion.

The Strategy

As the material called for experienced trainers with a high level of both technical regulatory expertise and facilitation skills, it was agreed that it would be delivered by members of LEO GRC’s training faculty. Where economic for the client, the sessions were delivered globally in the classroom. For smaller locations, we developed and delivered WebEx versions of the material.

The Outcome

The training program was successfully delivered and was extremely well received both by the bank and its learners. The sessions achieved their primary aim of promoting and supporting an ongoing conversation about conduct and promoting sustained behavioral change.

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