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Creating Branched eLearning Modules for a Tight Regulatory Deadline for a Global Investment Bank

The Challenge

A long-standing global investment banking client came to us with a need to train all staff within their European offices on the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (known as MiFID II). There were two material challenges. Firstly, the training need varied greatly across the business, which meant that a “one size fits all” solution wouldn’t work. Secondly, the training had to be created under substantial time pressure due to delays in the finalization of the new rules.

The Solution

We proposed a multi-stranded eLearning course that could deliver tailored routes to different learners using a combination of core and specialist content. The course would be built using a templated page approach in order to meet the tight timeframe.

The Strategy

We worked with the investment bank’s learning and compliance teams to divide their content into core and specialist pages and agreed the stranded paths through the course for different learners. We then developed a number of templated pages that could be populated with the bank’s content quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

The Outcome

We successfully delivered a multi-stranded, rapid-build course without compromising our high design and functionality standards and met the investment bank’s delivery schedule.

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