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Converting a 2-Day Face-to-Face Financial Crime Course Into a 30-Minute Digital Module for a Major Global Bank

The Challenge

We were engaged by a major global bank to convert a two-day face-to-face course aimed at Relationship Managers into a 30-minute eLearning solution. We faced three major challenges on this project. Firstly, reducing two classroom days’ worth of highly technical content to fit a target learner seat time of just 30 minutes. Secondly, retaining the highly practical scenario-based content. Thirdly, testing the learners on their ability to manage multiple pieces of information and to respond to complex, true-to-life situations.

  • eLearning

  • Financial Crime

  • Scenario-Based Learning

The Solution

We developed a digital course comprising of two main chapters. The first took the learner through the bank’s policies and procedures. The text was kept to a minimum with links and PDFs providing the detail. The second was a ‘challenge’ in the form of an extended, multi-part scenario. The challenge tasked the learner with applying the content from the first chapter in a ‘real-life’ situation.

The Strategy

We held several workshops with the bank’s financial crime SMEs to develop the extended scenario. We wanted to ensure that it addressed the areas of the bank’s policies and procedures that the target audience had found difficult in practice and to ensure that the facts were as realistic as possible.

It was decided that the extended scenario should replace the end-of-course assessment. The questions asked within the scenario were nuanced and not ‘black and white’, requiring the learner to make decisions, such as whether they had enough information to proceed and what further information they should ask the customer to provide. Where the learner didn’t make the best decision within the scenario, detailed feedback was provided which directed them to the relevant section of the first chapter and additional resources and training aids.

The Outcome

The training was successfully rolled out and well-received by the audience.

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