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Developing a Multi-Year Learning Strategy for E3G

Delivering a Comprehensive Learning Strategy to Create a Global Community of Best Practice in Establishing Green Banks

E3G is an independent climate change think tank. The organization, which has offices in London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington DC, is an expert on climate diplomacy and energy policy, with a combined 75 years experience advising government, business and non-government organizations on what climate change means for societies.

With a growing global demand to establish more Green Investment Banks, E3G wanted to share its wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject.

E3G’s vision was to create a world-class community of practice and a learning portal that enables policymakers to access and share reliable knowledge, connect to a global peer group, and learn through the power of stories.

The Challenge

To realize this vision, E3G needed to present a cohesive learning strategy in the form of a three-year plan to communicate the vision to stakeholders.

This required:

  • Understanding technical requirements
  • Understanding the desired learner journey
  • Understanding the current and future scope of content
  • Defining the best way to share knowledge across a global network
  • Delivering a three-year learning strategy and delivery plan
  • A short turn-around time
  • Learning Strategy

  • Social Learning

  • Knowledge Sharing

The Solution

LEO Learning embarked on a consultative process to establish a community of practice that could become the go-to place for knowledge-sharing on how to create Green Investment Banks.

This focused on delivering a strategic roadmap that included technical oversight aligned with meeting scalable content demands.

We started by establishing E3G’s vision for its users, understanding existing successes with desired outcomes. We then verified if these would hit home with the organization’s intended global audience by carrying out further research with a geographically diverse array of prospective customers. This was further verified with specialist academic insight to offer a rounded understanding of learner requirements.

These learner insights were then aligned with content mapping to establish the technical requirements (a minimum viable product) that E3G’s learning portal would need to offer.

  • Delivering a three-year strategy for a global audience

  • Ensuring technical requirements enable scalable content

  • Creating a global community of practice based on a deep understanding of learner needs

Now that everything has been submitted to our funder, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work on the Green Investment Bank learning strategy. It was a real pleasure working with all of you. We handed you a difficult task, particularly in terms of the timeframe, and you delivered for us.

- Taylor Dimsdale, Research Director, E3G

The Result

LEO delivered a comprehensive learning strategy in seven weeks. This was in the form of a highly visual report, enabling E3G to present a feasibility assessment for scaling up the Green Bank Knowledge Hub.

The report helped us demonstrate that there is a need to scale up learning and knowledge sharing on green investment banks.

- Taylor Dimsdale, Research Director, E3G

This report provided a detailed overview of the research, competitor analysis, and strategic plan to provide a summary of the requirements.

Confirmation of project viability was followed with a three-year implementation plan, providing suggestions on initial investment levels, as well as suggestions that would deliver a scalable, agile strategy.

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