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LOMA’s Blended Learning Game

An Award-Winning Mobile-First Learning Game Bringing Customer Experience to Life

LOMA has been providing education solutions for insurance and financial services professionals for nearly a century. As a trusted international association, they offer professional designations, educational resources and products to financial organizations across the world.

Within this sector, like many others, creating a positive customer experience is an increasingly important differentiator, critically setting companies apart from the competition. It can also prove vital in sustaining customer loyalty and helping to achieve profitable growth.

With this in mind, LOMA set out, alongside LEO Learning, to create an innovative learning solution, Impact Cx: The Quest, that would transform the way employees across the sector can experience training.

The Challenge

Through its work with nearly 1,200 member companies in more than 80 countries, LOMA’s experts are acutely aware of the importance of CX (or Customer Experience). They needed to create a baseline of industry-wide knowledge that would reflect the changing skills needed in today’s complex insurance industry.

Teaching customer service staff to exceed the expectations of customers who are more aware, more connected and ever-demanding is vital to engaging and retaining clients. LOMA wanted a solution that would use the power of gamification to create learning that was enjoyable, addictive, memorable and accessible on mobile devices.

They wanted to upskill and inspire learners by showing how the decisions every employee makes, no matter where they sit within an organization, can crucially affect the customer experience.

We wanted Impact Cx: The Quest primarily for mobile devices but it works well on all devices. LEO Learning really got what we were trying to do right away. They understood what we were trying to achieve.

– Gene Stone, LOMA’s AVP of Instructional Design

The Solution

Taking an innovative approach to creating behavioral change, LEO Learning and LOMA designed a realistic and thought-provoking series of animated branching scenarios. At the start of the game, learners enhance the personalized feel of the learning by creating their own avatar. They earn points and badges as they progress through levels of achievement.

Five customer-focused missions challenge employees to test their judgment and demonstrate empathy, journey-mapping, optimizing customer experience, customer-centric teamwork and listening skills. As an immersive scenario game, Impact Cx: The Quest is designed to keep learners coming back for more. Taking on different roles within a fictional insurance company, they progress from novice to guru, seeing the consequences of their decisions every step of the way. The course makes effective use of a blend of learning approaches, including elements of microlearning, video, and audio.

  • 5 training missions

  • Based on deep understanding of client and industry needs

  • Multi-award winner


Impact Cx: The Quest has received widespread praise, both from Millennial employees and corporate decision-makers. To date, there have been 1416 worldwide learner enrollments since the product was launched, with LOMA enrolling on average approximately 100 individuals per month.

  • 92% agreed or strongly agreed that the course was easy to access and navigate.
  • 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the course had a positive effect on their attitudes towards Cx at
    their company.
  • 97% would recommend the course to a co-worker.
  • 94% felt gamification was an effective method to teach the material.
  • 96% reported having a better understanding of how all areas of their company impact Cx.

Impact Cx won Best Game-based Solution at DevLearn’s DemoFest 2018, Gold at Training Magazine’s prestigious eLearning Design Challenge 2017 and a Distinction at the 2018 Annual Communicator Awards.

The core game contains a lot of features we would never have thought of. They speak to the high production values. I’m really happy that we went with the experience of working with LEO Learning.

– Gene Stone, LOMA’s AVP of Instructional Design

We believe companies will find Impact Cx: The Quest a powerful tool.

– Kathy Milligan, LOMA’s Senior VP of Education and Training Division

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