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Creating Multi-Device Learning for Mazars

Global accountancy firm Mazars looked to transform their learning program to a multi-device approach that would work for a global audience.

One of the key challenges for organizations looking to transform their learning programs is finding the right solution to transform their learning to scale. Today’s learners are also changing: while face-to-face training remains important, people now have an on-demand mindset, and they want job-related learning to look fresh and be at their disposal on their preferred device.

When global accountancy firm Mazars set out to upgrade its learning program for all auditors, they aimed to create a blended learning program that would greatly improve upon their previous, PowerPoint-based approach.

The Challenge

Mazars wanted to convert introductory material into a highly accessible learning program fit for their employees across 79 countries, which meant a strong focus on mobile learning.

The resulting eLearning module, Introduction to Audit at Mazars, was created as part of this blended learning program. This new approach enables Mazars’ auditors, of whom there are more than 6,000, to benefit from uniform training material with consistent messaging.

We wanted a tool that would give us the opportunity to deliver global material in bite-size chunks with a modern look and feel, while at the same time transmitting Mazars’ core values and our approach to audit.

– Alexia Perversi, Director – Global Audit and Assurance, Mazars.

The Solution

Using the gomo authoring tool, Mazars’ global L&D teams can create modules in any location and push material across the world instantly.

The module includes clever use of background videos, vertical scrolling and animations, all of which looks beautiful on any device because of its fully adaptive and responsive design in HTML5.

While employees are taking their courses, their progress can be fully tracked through powerful xAPI statements, allowing L&D and training managers to robustly analyse the progress of large groups of employees for reporting purposes.

  • Convert traditional audit training material into engaging, visually appealing digital learning

  • Teach topics using an array of tools and techniques

  • Use the latest technology to drive ‘best of breed’ learning in a competitive sector

With LEO Learning’s platform, we have managed to utilise a number of different tools and ways to transmit messages and information. The result of this is an interactive elearning module which is varied in content, including a combination of videos, voice recordings, animations and quizzes.

– Alexia Perversi, Director – Global Audit and Assurance, Mazars

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