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Multi-Media Digital Solutions: Competition Law

Multi-Media Digital Solutions: Competition Law

A European banking client needed an awareness-level eLearning course on competition law. The training module was to be mandatory for a limited group of employees but the client was keen to maximize take-up of the course by making it highly engaging and impactful so that other employees would choose to take the course too.

The Solution

We first worked with the client to fully understand the key messages to be delivered. We then created a series of highly interactive scenarios to bring those messages to life. We proposed that the eLearning be supported by a series of high-impact ‘taster’ videos to act as trailers and to encourage other employees, for whom the training was non-mandatory, to take the eLearning.

The Strategy

We worked with the LEO media team to create the video ‘trailers’. The first of these videos was repeated at the start of the eLearning to provide a direct link between the videos and the course. The eLearning content was built around a ‘Day in the Life’ storytelling concept, showing how everyday interactions and activities could have competition law impacts, both inside and outside the office.

The Outcome

The videos and eLearning worked together to successfully deliver highly impactful training that conveyed the client’s key messages in an accessible and non-legalistic way. There was a pleasing extra take-up of the training by an extended cohort of employees. The training was also translated into a number of languages by our translation partners.

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