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Powerful Security Awareness Training Through Video Branching Scenarios

Delivering scenario-based learning that could literally save lives

This longstanding LEO Learning client is an organization responsible for a number of key transport sites, including airports, bridges and rail stations in North America. They needed to deliver impactful, highly realistic anti-terrorism training that would help mitigate the very real security threats that staff and visitors face on an everyday basis.

They came to LEO Learning with the goal of using immersive video drama and eLearning to deliver critical learning points in a new piece of training.

The Challenge

Terrorist attacks can be sudden, violent and unconventional. This means constant vigilance and up-to-date knowledge is essential for any staff working at the organization’s sites.

Staff also needed to fully understand their individual roles and the collective responsibility for implementing the measures required to tackle terrorism and keep everyone safe.

This wasn’t just about helping frontline personnel to stop dangerous people from boarding airplanes. All site employees, from management and ticketing staff to taxi drivers and coffee baristas, needed to be:

  • engaged with the learning
  • made fully aware of their part in protecting people from acts of terrorism and other criminal acts.

  • Powerful branching scenarios simulated high-pressure situations

  • Gripping video drama ensured employees were emotionally invested in the learning

  • Presented the consequences of decisions to support behavior change

The Solution

LEO Learning’s consultants and the organization’s L&D team recognized that the complex and highly sensitive issues involved in the training would only resonate with learners if they were explored in an authentic, credible way.

Working collaboratively, the team came up with an innovative approach, which combined immersive video drama and the power of scenario-based learning.

The solution is based around a range of video-based branched scenarios. These were designed to provide learners with complex challenges and help them understand the vital role they played in mitigating security threats.

To film the video components, LEO Learning hired a large public site that could be transformed to represent indoor and outdoor scenarios. The LEO Learning Moving Image team then carried out a series of video shoots over five days of filming, which included a cast of 15 actors and 40 extras.

Powerful Branching Scenarios

Using gomo, our sister company’s cloud-based, fully responsive authoring tool, the scenarios were grouped into three strands:

  • Identifying suspicious behavior: where learners have to identify people and objects that look out of place at their workplace.
  • An active shooter situation with procedures to follow: this challenges learners to determine the correct course of action.
  • Insider threats: introduces learners to internal dangers that they may not have been aware of.

The opportunity to practice taking the right actions in difficult situations is an invaluable chance for learners to fully prepare themselves for rare and challenging events.

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