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Visually-Rich Learning Game for Godiva

Visually-Rich Learning Game to Increase Employee Knowledge and Confidence to Sell

Imagine working in a chocolate shop—your job is to sell chocolate to people who love chocolate. How hard can this be? When a 40-piece box of chocolates costs around $100, the answer is ‘pretty hard’. In setting itself the goal of increasing revenue, Godiva needed its retail staff to increase sales in its stores, known as chocolate ‘Boutiques’. This required staff to develop a genuine passion that would allow them to speak with authority about the brand, fuelling sales of its luxury chocolates. Godiva’s Chief HR Officer decided to develop an educational initiative, consisting of a learning game and complementary eLearning, that would inspire and educate promising Millennial staff.

  • Games and gamification Games and Simulations
  • Mobile learning Mobile Learning
  • Social collaboration Social and Informal Learning

The Challenge

Most of Godiva’s learners are Millennials, aged 18-35. This learning group is used to competing demands for their attention and paying attention selectively. To stay engaged, they prefer to be in control of their learning and be able to find the information quickly. Working in more than 100 countries, these learners came from many different cultural backgrounds. There was no guarantee they would have access to individual workplace computers. Instead, Godiva introduced in-store iPads for their learning. The game and the accompanying eLearning course can be accessed on any device.

Interactive scenarios

High-quality interactive learning game, fully complemented by a five-module eLearning course

Software simulations

Multi-layered in-game goals and levels linked to eLearning course modules


New learning experience for Godiva with direct uplift across KPIs


The experience is extremely modern and visually compelling. We have heard nothing but positive learner feedback about this brilliant game.

– Karina Chiechi, Godiva’s Learning Manager for North America 


The Solution

Chocolate Quest: Guardians of the Cocoa Bean is a game that uses scenarios, microlearning and character interactions to help players experience a direct relationship between knowledge, customer experience, and sales (profits). Players can customize their game avatar for a personalized gameplay experience and enter a quiz battle in the style of a themed boardgame. They use their industry and brand knowledge from the eLearning to progress through the game and use their knowledge to defeat level ‘guardian’ characters. Levels also include hidden gems, and mini-games which set further challenges—such as collecting coins within a time limit—providing pure play and a mental break from the learning content. Masterclasses, assignments, quick quizzes and knowledge checks accompany the game. A forum provides a place where learners are set tasks to complete, given opportunities to share their activities and can communicate their experiences with colleagues around the world.


To be able to offer a digitized learning experience that mirrors a gaming environment, while challenging learners and reinforcing key learning points, is a true three-way win.

– Karina Chiechi, Godiva’s Learning Manager for North America



Learners gave an exceptionally high satisfaction score of 8.9 out of 10. The time-delayed survey also revealed a substantial uplift in job satisfaction and passion. In terms of learning objectives, the post-learning scores were between 9.3 and 9.5—near-perfect results for this type of survey.

The Chocolate Quest: Guardians of the Cocoa Bean also won Best Game-Based Solution at DemoFest 2019.



Stores in the programme reported stronger sales growth than other outlets

Delivering immersive product knowledge to salespeople and customers before a product has launched

Learners’ increased confidence, knowledge, and pride directly improved business results

Provide education

Boutique employees reported an increase in motivation and loyalty to Godiva

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