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Blue Prism

Blue Prism

Driving sales and product awareness with targeted microlearning for the automation software market

Blue Prism created the market for software robots and virtual workforces. Their software platform enables organisations to create major efficiencies through rapid automation of routine administrative processes – effectively creating a digital workforce within the business.

As a business at the forefront of an innovative new market, Blue Prism are used to adapting quickly to change and finding the best digital solutions to operational inefficiencies.

So when they experienced a large increase in customer enquiries that created significant extra work for their sales team, they took swift steps to find the right solution. And those steps led them straight to LEO Learning.

LEO Learning worked with Blue Prism to communicate their proposition to the market

Meeting demand in the right way

Automation is on the rise in almost every industry, but the automation software market is still relatively new.

That means the kind of customer enquiries Blue Prism receives often involve an initial response focused on educating potential customers on exactly what Blue Prism provides. This type of sales activity is time-consuming and their sales team was struggling to meet this demand at the same time as servicing more advanced leads in their sales pipeline.

Blue Prism realised they needed a way to create awareness and knowledge of their offering, to relieve pressure on their sales team.

At the same time, they also had a broader need to educate their partner organisations because their distribution model is completely focused on indirect sales. It was vital these partners understood Blue Prism’s product so it could be offered to their clients.

“We quickly realised we needed to take away the bottleneck our sales team were creating, and find a simple, engaging way of building up knowledge of what we do across the market,” says Alex Bentley, Blue Prism’s Director of Corporate Development.

LEO Learning created engaging videos to explain RPA

Bite-sized, easy-to-digest learning

Blue Prism could have created marketing collateral to share with potential customers. But they realised that digital learning would create a more effective and engaging way to deliver information and create awareness of their services.

They came to LEO Learning with an idea for a pre-sales portal. Our learning experts then worked closely with the team to create a suite of bite-sized elearning modules called ‘Discover Blue Prism’.

“I was really impressed with how the LEO Learning team distilled everything we wanted to say into concise messages,” says Alex. “They quickly created a storyboard which captured all the key elements of our proposition. We could then take this to our senior stakeholders for approval.”

As an organisation working at an extremely rapid pace, it was essential the modules were developed quickly.

“I really appreciated that LEO Learning drove the structure of the project. We had limited time so having the LEO Learning team driving the project forward was really helpful to keep us on track.”

LEO Learning created engaging infographic animations for the Blue Prism modules

The introductory modules are designed to educate and create awareness.

They cover:

  • who Blue Prism is as an organisation
  • what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and what it can do for businesses
  • how Blue Prism is different from other automation software providers

It was important that the solution also began the process of advising potential customers on whether Blue Prism suited their particular requirements.

To achieve that goal, LEO Learning designed additional modules to focus on the benefits of RPA for particular industries and the key considerations that should be made when deciding to implement RPA.

As a final step, a diagnostic tool was created. Here potential customers define their role and then complete a series of questions designed to uncover their suitability for RPA. This helps ensure that potential customers coming through to the sales team have considered the feasibility of implementing RPA for their business.

LEO Learning created a diagnostic tool for Blue Prism

A slick design enhanced by multimedia

The modules are characterised by a rich use of multimedia, with high-quality video interviews and slick animations.

“I think the video interviews are excellent. They’re really compelling,” says Alex.

Clever use of different animation styles, such as whiteboard animation, unpack complex concepts in a clear and concise way. Considered use of interactions also helps to keep engagement levels high and pace the delivery of key messages.

All the modules were created in cloud-based authoring tool, gomo, with a full width, scrolling design ensuring each module scales beautifully on a range of devices.

LEO Learning created video content for Blue Prism

Digital learning as essential sales collateral

Response to the modules has been overwhelmingly positive. As well as being an essential part of Blue Prism’s sales process, the modules are also taken by all new starters at the business as part of the onboarding process.

“I’m really happy with the outcome. The learning is an essential piece of collateral for us. It’s integral to us now,” says Alex. “Customers have said they really like it and, internally, everyone who’s taken the learning has said it really helps them understand our proposition.”

LEO Learning creative impressive animations for the Blue Prism project

Meet our expert

I first came across the field of learning technologies while at London University in 1982. I've been hooked ever since. After various jobs with Channel 4, Video Arts and ​Epic, ​I figured I must know as much about the learning tech space as anyone. So in 1989 I founded LINE.​ Little realising that I also needed to know something about running a business!​

​So I learnt 'on the job' and must have done something right, because we managed to survive for 25 years, growing to a business of more than 80 people and winning the award for 'Outstanding contribution to the industry' both as an individual and as a company.

In 2014, ​I sold LINE to ​LTG and joined the board. Following the formation of LEO Learning through the merger of LINE and Epic, ​I now ​spend my time defining the company’s strategy​​ and working with our clients. ​

For me this is about a 'coming of age'. In today's market, our clients need to get much broader strategic results from learning innovation and the use of learning technology. While the last 25 years have been hugely enjoyable and rewarding, my ambition now is to prove that we can do this at a scale and impact not yet seen!

My passion is in working out ways for practical large-scale transfer of learning, knowledge management and communications in large organisations. This has been a career-long quest and it still feels like we are only just starting to scratch the surface of the potential for the innovative and strategic use of learning technologies.