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British Airways

Leadership development

LEO Learning has been one of British Airways’ key learning partners for many years, helping them achieve measurable business results in a range of areas. We have partnered with British Airways (BA) on many large-scale change programmes, transforming the way learning is delivered in one of the most successful organisations in the logistics and transportation sector.

ba client story

One of the key areas in which LEO Learning has helped BA is its leadership development training. We conducted a training needs analysis (TNA) to determine what training interventions could be implemented to support front-line leaders at BA terminals around the globe. We then developed a solution that worked around technical and time restraints, such as insufficient internet access in terminals.

LEO Learning’s solution adapted BA’s existing Moodle platform to act as a closed community of best practice for front-line leaders. The result was ‘Our World’, a low-bandwidth solution to enable leaders across terminals to share knowledge and learn socially.

An engaging onboarding solution

We were also BA’s partner of choice when they needed a new onboarding solution following the organisation’s acquisition of airline BMI. BA needed to engage their 3,000-4,000 new team members from BMI and boost low morale in existing employees.

BA Client Story

LEO Learning designed a new onboarding portal, which supported new starters throughout their first six months. We used video interviews with leading figures within the business, downloadable resources, peer networking and digital materials for a welcoming, engaging induction experience. This enabled existing employees to re-engage with the brand, and new employees to understand the company vision and values.

As a result of our success with BA, we are proud to be on their preferred suppliers list, and are now regarded as one of the most sought-after learning providers in the logistics and transportation sector.

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For me, being part of this automotive revolution is fascinating as it will radicalise the manufacture landscape, stressing the importance of brand, as new competition enters into the automotive space. But most importantly, it is a time to standout and be proud of the stunning design, incredible innovation and passion to make an environmental difference.

At LEO Learning, I work to help leading automotive companies, including Volvo, Volkswagen, Jaguar and Land Rover, to ensure they are agile enough to adopt to this level of disruption. I believe that the key to making this happen is to ensure that retailers understand and can adapt not just to advances in technology, but to the shifting expectations and behaviours of their customers, as the focus moves towards lifestyle choice over brand loyalty.