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Civil Service Learning

Civil Service Learning (CSL) is dedicated to enabling the UK’s civil servants to acquire the key skills they need to develop their careers.

With around half a million users of the service, it is essential that content is delivered efficiently. However, significant budget cuts across the public sector have made it increasingly difficult for CSL to provide quality training.

In 2010, fewer than half of all civil servants said that the training they’d received in the last 12 months had helped them be better at their jobs. CSL approached LEO in the hope of finding a solution.

Civil Service Learning client story

With cost-efficiency a key driver for the project, we decide to make the most of CSL’s existing resources to create a major change and transformation programme. CSL already had thousands of hours of content, which LEO consolidated and rebranded through a rigorous editing and review process of numerous providers’ work. This was then delivered through a single accessible learning platform, which now offers a coherent and consistent suite of courses.

We believe that this was the UK’s largest ever e-learning recycling project.

In just a few weeks, managers across Civil Service departments were able to access the learning they needed in a far simpler and more targeted way than before. This overhaul of learning resources has saved UK taxpayers £60 million. The new system is working. Of those who have accessed CSL’s content, 63.8% say they are doing more e-learning now than a year ago. 96% of learners feel that they have learnt something new as a result of the training, delivering an immediate benefit.

Civil Service Learning client story

LEO is now a strategic learning partner of CSL, working across different departments to deliver award-winning learning. This includes hosting a large-scale learning platform to improve infrastructure, creating a comprehensive learning strategy and delivering marketing communications to their database of learners.

This partnership has proved valuable to CSL in the successful, efficient delivery of learning and communications.

Meet our expert

I joined LEO in 2008 having been involved in learning technologies and learning design and delivery in various forms since 1980. I have had the privilege to work with clients from most business and public sectors to define, design, develop and deliver many forms of learning content and define and evaluate a wide variety of learning strategies. I was heavily involved in the design work for the NHS Leadership Academy, working alongside KPMG and Manchester and Birmingham Universities to lead the technical design and development of over 1,200 hours of blended online content for a Masters in Healthcare Leadership programme. In addition, I have worked on a range of blended leadership initiatives with LEO for clients including PwC, Volvo, British Airways and BP.