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On-the-job, just-in-time mobile product support

Alfred Dunhill invests heavily in product training for its staff. It’s vital that its employees reflect the brand and quality of its products, and live up to customers’ high expectations.

dunhill client story

Traditionally, product training was delivered with luxurious printed product catalogues, which would be translated for each region. However, producing these training packs cost around £90,000 a year, and Dunhill wasn’t sure they were producing the results they needed.

Dunhill decided it was time to embrace digital learning, and identified LEO Learning as the ideal partner to make this happen.

We understood the need to reduce the cost of training and to create easy-to-update content, and the need to enable a richer, seamless and more effective learning experience.

In light of this, we created a suite of mobile product training for use on tablets in-store. We built the learning using LTG’s authoring tool gomo, and delivered capability building sessions to enable Dunhill to update its own content internally.

Dunhill client story

To prove the value of this project to Dunhill’s parent company, we ran a pilot in UK stores. It was a resounding success, with 67% of store managers noticing an improvement in customer experience as a result of the iPad apps.

Store managers also rated the learning experience as being 48% more effective when using the apps as opposed to the printed training manuals, demonstrating the effective adoption of digital learning.

This learning is a key example of how learning technologies can transform learning within the retail sector, to significantly improve the effectiveness of training in a short timeframe.

Meet our expert

Technology has dramatically shifted the way retailers and brands operate over the past decade. Customers are demanding ever-more immersive customer experiences and retail brands must do all they can to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. Having worked in this sector creating training for retail teams at Burberry for many years, I've witnessed this evolution first hand.

There is huge opportunity to leverage technology within retail organisations too, ensuring employees – an equally important audience for your message – are engaged and aligned with your brand's strategy. From large scale, global programmes, such as onboarding and induction, to smaller, more tactical learning interventions, LEO Learning can help. We work with companies to create scale-able, future-proof solutions that are right for you.