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Instilling staff engagement and brand passion for Godiva’s retail employees through the Chocolate Quest learning game

As the world’s most iconic premium chocolate company, Godiva wanted to empower, reward and recognise staff, whose passion for their chocolate sets them apart from their peers.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

With around 5,000 employees worldwide, Millennials make up much of Godiva’s workforce.

One of the company’s key aims was to provide learners, especially their Millennial employees, with an interactive, dynamic and fun learning programme that met their expectations of how content is delivered.

LEO Learning’s solution, a digital learning game called Chocolate Quest: Guardians of the Cocoa Bean, was launched as a specialist training programme for selected employees across the globe, with an initial emphasis on retail staff members in North America.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

Working closely with a global team from Godiva, LEO Learning focused on delivering a high-quality interactive learning game that would allow learners to navigate through some of the history of chocolate and the company.

The game needed to transform traditional perceptions of learning by turning content that felt dense or heavy into eye-catching, dynamic and fun bursts of learning, while remaining disciplined in its alignment to business expectations and performance.

A blend of learning leading to great customer service

The aim of Chocolate Quest was to raise employee understanding and appreciation of how and why knowledge and confidence leads to a better customer experience – and, ultimately, to an increase in sales.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

During the game, scenarios, microlearning, mini-games and character interactions give players valuable insights into how providing relevant information directly translates to great customer experiences.

“We wanted to make it truly fun but also include a lot of learning elements in a way that wouldn’t feel like learning,” says Anneke Oude Kotte, Godiva’s Internal Communications EMEA and Learning and Development.

“It’s fantastic how each level of the game links in with the content of the modules. We transport our retail learners from a conversation with a customer in our boutique to ancient Aztec or Medieval times, or the modern day cocoa belt in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

“The game has truly come out fantastically. Each level links in with the content of the modules. It’s introduced a new and fun way of learning into our offer.”

Beautiful, original design for an engaging learning experience

Chocolate Quest links striking visuals and beautifully-designed characters to the learning modules of Godiva’s wider elearning training programme. Designed in HTML5 to ensure a glitch-free multimedia experience optimised for tablets, the game opens with a customer conversation sequence.

The core game mechanic then combines a traditional boardgame with a quiz battle, complete with avatars to aid familiarity, beautiful graphics and a powerful sense of adventure.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

“I love the boardgame design, look and feel,” says Anneke. “Working on the game was a great experience, too.

“You could tell that the LEO Learning developers had fun in creating it. The LEO Learning team understood what we were looking for and had interesting suggestions.”

The player’s performance (and a hefty slice of luck!) determines their level of Knowledge and Confidence – key game attributes they need to be able to defeat the Level Guardian.

Once they have succeeded, players are able to return to the customer, armed with more product knowledge and selling confidence, and make the sale in style.

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

Upskilling staff in playful style

Teaming a playful tone of voice with compelling gameplay and insights, Chocolate Quest has increased engagement and retention among Godiva’s employees through a lighthearted yet richly imaginative learning game.

By becoming Chocolate Knowledge champions, employees are perfectly equipped to create happy customers who buy more types of chocolate, make repeat visits to stores and tell their friends about their fantastic experience.

“We are impressed by the quality of the work that LEO Learning delivers,” says Anneke. “Managing so many different types of learning elements and keeping track of various deadlines and deliverables was quite a challenge, but we managed.

“We are very pleased with the results. I think we can all be very proud of this game.”

A photo showing the Chocolate Quest game made between LEO Learning and Godiva

The learners’ verdict

Karina Chiechi, Godiva’s Learning Manager for North America, says the Godiva team is “incredibly proud” to have created the first learning experience of its kind at the company.

“As a global company that is over 90 years old and counting, to be able to offer a digitised learning experience that mirrors a gaming environment, while challenging the learner and reinforcing key learning points from the digital module, is a true win.

“The experience is extremely modern and visually compelling. We have heard nothing but positive feedback about this brilliant game from our learners so far.”

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