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Sustainability is a business-critical issue; 80% of firms adopting sustainable measuring show a positive correlation with market valuation. However many global organisations have traditionally lacked an overarching plan for how they should respond to this challenge. PwC understood the importance of acting sustainably for both themselves and their clients, but just 39% of their employees felt confident talking about sustainability with clients. PwC enlisted the help of LEO to enable them to reach their 16,500 UK employees and partners, helping to boost confidence in talking about sustainability issues and changing behaviours.

PwC client story

Owing to the geographically dispersed nature and busy schedules of PwC’s staff, we decided to deliver the material through a module of bespoke e-learning, ‘Think Sustainability: it’s time for a new lens on business’. This media-rich approach was designed to put sustainability issues in context and make this important topic more engaging – a vital consideration for a non-compulsory programme. As well as this, we also designed and implemented a learning comms roll-out campaign, consisting of digital and physical elements such as emails, posters and video clips to ensure the successful launch of the learning.

PwC client story

The programme was an outstanding success. Despite the fact the learning was voluntary, a massive 94% of UK staff completed the course – a testament to the power of a high-impact learning communications campaign. Of these, 74% now feel confident talking about sustainability, compared to 39% pre-training. Just three months after taking the course, almost half the learners had already applied learning from the course to their work. We also halved the value-action gap, leaving a gap of just 27% between those who understood the importance of sustainability and those who implemented sustainable practices in their roles post-training.

PwC client story

Meet our expert

I first became inspired by the potential of technology to support learning when studying for an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems in 1994. Shortly afterwards I moved to Germany, and joined a small international team creating face-to-face training guides, online help and performance support for a CAD/CAM company.

At LEO, I started out as a learning designer, developing blended architectures, custom performance support platforms and mobile solutions for clients including the BBC, NHS, United Nations and UK Civil Service as well as a number of major banks. I was closely involved with the early design and development of the award-winning gomo multi-device authoring tool. As I developed as a designer, I became increasingly interested in our processes for gathering evidence to inform design decisions.

As Director of Learning, I focus on drawing insights from both user research and wider academic debates about how people learn. I have personally undertaken research into mobile learning on behalf of the NHS and the eLearning Guild in the US, and I am currently studying part-time for a DPhil in education at the University of Oxford.

The thing that inspires me most about what I do is having the potential to help people grow and develop in their lives and careers and that is something I am passionate about, both for our clients and internally for my LEO colleagues.