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Custom eLearning to Transform Your Organization

We Design and Deliver Custom eLearning That Transforms Performance and Reaches Your Customers

Unlock your organization's business performance with custom eLearning. At LEO, we blend a deep understanding of your learner needs with effective content design and the latest instructional strategies to deliver best-in-class custom solutions.

To resonate with your learners, your eLearning should reflect your brand, enhance your culture, and address your business challenges—this is where custom eLearning comes in.

From pioneering mobile learning and bite-sized microlearning to complex gamified scenarios, we can use our innovative eLearning solutions to help you transform your organization.

Which Best-in-Class Custom eLearning Solutions Are Right for Your Learners?

Engaging eLearning Through Focused eLearning Design

Creating powerful, engaging eLearning design starts with understanding your challenges and business goals. We combine creativity with evidence-based methodologies to deliver content that works for your learners.

Games, Gamification, and Scenarios

Our cutting-edge games and gamification combine play with immersive challenges and interactive scenarios, so your learners can apply the depth of their learning, make real-life choices, and discover consequences, all in a safe and engaging practice environment.

How Not to Suck at Money Game in laptop

Training Needs Analysis and Competency Frameworks That Drive Your eLearning

Create successful learning that is aligned to your business goals and gets to the heart of your learner needs.

With our tried and tested methodologies, our dedicated team can pinpoint exactly what your learning needs to achieve, so together we can deliver (and measure) this.

Personalized eLearning

Deliver zero-waste learning experiences to your team. From diagnostics to assessment-based, flexible pathways, your eLearning can adapt and respond according to your learners’ progression through their individual learning journeys.

Engaging eLearning Communication Campaigns

Launch a streamlined communications plan that delivers the right messages at the right time, and support your learning as it rolls out successfully into your organization.

Powerful Video

Bring your video vision to life. Our in-house team can make complex concepts simple and tell great stories, create great user-generated content, and produce broadcast-quality video. Discover the power of cost-effective video for potent eLearning.

Engaging Animation for Your Learning

Bring your eLearning to life with animation. Our experienced, world-leading animation team can help you get to the heart of your learning goals. Explore the possibilities of eLearning animation, a format loved by learners.

eLearning animation

L&D Capability Building: The Skills to Deliver Effective eLearning

Give your L&D team the skills and capabilities to deliver effective eLearning. Our consultants specialize in everything from learning strategy and design, to multi-media content development, learning ecosystems, and impact measurement. We can bring our well-honed skills to your team and make your learning a success.

Content Authoring Tools for Fast, Efficient & Effective eLearning

Create slick, engaging learning that reaches your audience at the touch of a button. Spark creativity, drive efficiency with content authoring that's easy to update and adapt as your learning needs change.

Ready to Deliver Engaging Custom eLearning to Your Learners? Get in touch.

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