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eLearning Animation: A Format Loved by Learners

Your learners love animation because it's dynamic, focused, and easy to understand. Learning designers love animation because it can deliver complex information in a concise way. When used as a vehicle for relatable and emotive storytelling, animation becomes a critical tool to drive behavior change.

Versatile, Engaging Animation for Your Learning

Our experienced, world-leading animation team work closely with our learning designers to get to the heart of your learning goals while working to your specifications. No external agencies—nothing to get lost in translation.

Animations for elearning

Animation Promotes Effective Digital Learning

Animation within eLearning blends visuals, text, and narrative to create a compelling and powerful learning experience. With animation you can:

  • Use a range of animation styles to fit the tone of your content—to, for example, bring an element of levity and humor to the eLearning experience
  • Easily explain complex issues and concepts, at low cost and high value
  • Reinforce your brand identity by incorporating familiar visual elements from across your internal and external collateral
  • Make the process of eLearning more engaging and interactive

Want to delve deeper? Our blog explores how L&D teams can choose an appropriate style of animation for their learning program.

Animation for eLearning

If you want to bring your animation to life, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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