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L&D Capability Building: Giving You the Skills to Deliver Effective Digital Learning

Our Experts Upskill Your Team on Essential Skills and Capabilities

Your L&D team provides essential support to your front-line staff. They are the people who drive your business transformation through learning. To empower them to be the best, our learning experts bring over 30 years of expertise and experience leading the digital learning sector—right to you.

We have a unique vision of what makes effective, engaging learning—and the skills and capabilities required to design and deliver it.

Our capability building workshops share our specialist insights and expertise. Your learning leaders will benefit from our flexible and creative workshops, followed by ongoing sustained expert support, as you apply the learning in practice.

What is Capability Building?

Capability building gives your team the skills and capabilities to deliver effective learning.

LEO Learning’s capability building programs give your L&D teams the practical skills and experience to make the decisions required to deliver effective learning in whatever form it takes.

Our learning experts love to share their knowledge. They specialize in everything from learning strategy and design, to multi-media content development, learning ecosystems, and impact measurement.

Capability Training Designed Just for You

Whether you have a specific challenge in mind, or aren’t sure where to start, we’ll work together to create a program that will give you powerful insights to shape your learning strategy and delivery.

We have a team of over 50 designers and strategists, with thousands of projects under their belts. We’ll share examples of what’s worked for global organizations and how our solutions have addressed the many challenges they faced, across many different sectors.

Not sure where to start? Our skills assessments can audit the capabilities of your current team. We will identify and help you bridge your skills gaps.

It’s not just about upskilling your learning practitioners either. We can help your wider business buy in to the value of your learning strategy. Some of our workshops, such as Learning Culture Change and Getting Started With Measurement can help show how your learning programs can support wider business strategy and goals.

Capability Building Workshops for Every Situation

We run learning skills and capability programs on a wide range of topics.

Don’t see what you need? Get in touch.

  • Learning Design & Blended Learning

    How to develop learning content and effective blended learning journeys.

  • Content Authoring

    Discover how to get the best out of authoring tools.

  • Responsive Design

    How to best deliver learning across multiple devices and formats.

  • Social Learning

    How to incorporate the principles of social learning into your learning.

  • Learning Ecosystems and Technology Strategy

    How to connect all your learning platforms, tools, and processes together.

  • Virtual Classrooms

    How to run effective webinars and virtual classrooms.

  • Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

    How to measure the impact of learning vs business objectives.

  • Driving a Learning Culture

    What are the ideal future blends and behaviors in your learners? How do you get there?

Contact us today to find out more about how we work together to upskill your team.

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