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Engaging eLearning Through Focused eLearning Design

For an eLearning program to resonate deeply with your learners, it should reflect your brand, culture, and your business challenges. We blend a deep understanding of your learner needs with effective content design and the latest instructional design strategies to deliver best-in-class custom eLearning content for your learners.

Best-in-Class Custom eLearning Solutions

From pioneering mobile learning and bite-sized microlearning, to complex gamified scenarios, we have a rich history of delivering innovation in eLearning. And we continue to challenge and reinvigorate the digital learning experience to meet the expectations of the next generations of your learners.

Custom elearning solutions

Engaging eLearning Starts With Effective Learning Design

Creating powerful, engaging eLearning is about understanding what makes your learners tick, as well as what they need.

Before we start considering the fun stuff (creative design that drives engagement), we focus on analyzing your learners’ environment, learning objectives, and your business goals.

This gives our award-winning learning design team the insights they need to get going. Our designers combine their creativity with evidence-based methodologies and an underlying knowledge of learning science to deliver content that works for you.

See examples of some of our custom eLearning solutions.

The Right eLearning Design Blend for Your Learners

We make it easy for you to put visually stunning and deeply effective learning content into your learners’ hands.

Our custom eLearning solutions offer a mix of interactivity and media, and can feature:

  • Powerful Video for Every Need

    Discover the power of cost-effective video for learning—from easy-to-upload user-generated content to broadcast-quality video productions from our in-house team

  • Interactive Scenarios

    eLearning at its very best, where learners apply learning, make choices, and discover the consequences in a safe practice environment

  • Games and Gamification

    Learning games and gamification combine play, challenge, and immersive experiences. Sustain your learners’ engagement, drive up course completion rates, and turbocharge your learning

  • Animation

    Perfect for making complex concepts simple and telling great stories, animation comes in almost any style imaginable. Animation will engage your learners and set them up to succeed

Mobile Learning: Just-in-Time Performance Support

As part of our user-focused approach, our content is fully optimized and compatible across multiple devices.

Freeing learning from the desktop gives learners the just-in-time performance support they need. This includes:

  • Detailed product knowledge to staff on the shop floor or in a retail environment
  • Refresher content on negotiation skills ahead of an important sales meeting
  • Augmented Reality (AR) learning that gives engineers real-time displays of key processes and procedures relevant to their on-site environment

Want to find out more about our custom eLearning? Get in touch.

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