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Turbocharge Your Learning With Games and Gamification

Sometimes, your learning challenges require you to step up a level and deploy the power of immersive and entertaining game strategies

With our BAFTA-winning expertise, we have the skills you need to take your digital learning to the next level with learning games and gamification.

Why Do Games Work for Learning?

Games, gamification and scenarios deliver on three of the most powerful learning modes:

  1. Challenge focuses on learning goals, driving competition, and practice
  2. Play taps into the mindset we adopt during play such as creativity, imagination, and state of flow
  3. Immerse applies learning in a virtual environment

All three are key to making learning work. We bring them together and create powerful digital learning experiences that work. Proof that games mean business.

What Is eLearning Gamification?

Gamification is a term we use to describe the application of techniques and tactics commonly associated with games, to digital learning —such as health meters, badges, and leaderboards.

Effective gamification can give your learners a strong sense of motivation, achievement, and a clear vision of progress. Global leaderboards also let learners compete with others based all over the world—adding a touch of competition that works for many learners.

Successful application of gamification strategies can sustain learner engagement and drive up course completion rates. We can develop gamified learning from the ground up or work with any authoring tool or platform to add elements of gamification to your eLearning.

Non-Digital Games for Learning

We also design live games for workshops, training sessions and communications campaigns. We’ve created card games and strategy-based tabletop games that give learners an engaging, collaborative way to test their skills and knowledge together.

Scenario-Based Learning

Realistic scenario environments and decision-making as a powerful learning tool

Scenarios put learners in realistic yet challenging situations—often ones that would be extremely difficult to replicate in real life. Scenarios are also great environments to work through the gray areas of decision-making. Learners can experiment and fail safely, and at the same time, gain deep insights into the impact of their choices and decisions.

Scenario-based learning is a form of gamification that’s incredibly powerful in an eLearning context. What’s more, we’ve been leading the field for years with our award-winning scenarios. So you’re in safe hands.

Whether it’s a simple scenario component within a course or a complex branching decision-based learning experience, our learning designers will work with you to create real impact.

Powerful Video-Driven Scenarios

Incorporating high-quality drama video into scenario-based learning deepens the experience and adds an extra level of situational intensity to decision-making and consequence.

Our in-house video team creates powerful video drama that results in highly emotive, impactful learning. Combining video into branching scenarios, we can create immersive and dramatic experiences that place learners right at the heart of the action from start to finish.

Learning Simulations

Simulations recreate specific environments and systems that put your learner in the driving seat.

Simulations range from sophisticated business tools through to working 3D visualizations of specialist equipment. Our simulation services fall into the following areas:

  • Business Simulations

    Harness complex data modeling and algorithms to give your learners the tools to practice key business decision-making and see realistic results.

  • Software simulations

    Recreate parts of your system to deliver targeted learning on key processes.

  • Hardware simulations and 3D modeling

    Fully functioning 3D models for low-risk learning and repetitive practice.

Ready to harness the power of learning games and gamification?

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