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Personalized eLearning and Learner Experience Journeys

For learning to be effective, the learning content has to be 100% useful for the learner. The more personalized you can be, the better. There are many strategies that help us achieve zero waste learning, from diagnostics to assessment-based, flexible pathways.

Tailoring eLeaning to Your Learners

People learn in different styles and at different paces. In a modern learning context, a learner’s role, territory, years in their role, and level of experience, all contribute to their learning needs.

We will work with you to personalize your learner journey. Together, we will tailor it according to a number of factors, depending on your needs. These factors may include:

You can delve deeper into this topic with our blog post, "This Time It’s Personal: 3 Models of Learning Personalization to Avoid Jumping the Shark".

Different Types of Personalization for Your Learners

We can work with you to personalize your learning in three main ways:

Cohort-Level Personalization

With Cohort-Level Personalization, you can choose a version of an existing learning journey according to criteria such as a learner’s role, level or territory. Each course will be designed for that particular cohort to turbo-charge their learning.

Individual-Level Personalization

Your learner is asked a set of questions based on your learning content. Our software will assess which areas of the content they are already familiar and comfortable with, and in which they could benefit from more learning. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘test-out’ model. This level of personalization will engage your learners and reduce their time in training.

Adaptive Learning Personalization

An adaptive learning pathways course reconfigures as the learning is taking place, creating a truly bespoke program for your learners. As the learning progresses through the journey, they will be asked questions intermittently, and the adaptive learning software will tailor their learning according to their knowledge and understanding of the topics.

Ready to deliver engaging custom eLearning to your learners?

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