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Training Needs Analysis & Competency Frameworks That Drive Your Learning

Getting to the Heart of Your Learning Needs

We understand that for learning to be successful it must align directly with your specific business and learner needs. It’s the fundamental starting point that shapes your learning strategy and the digital content and tools you create.

With our tried and tested methodologies, we can pinpoint exactly what your learning needs to achieve. We can then work closely with you on how to deliver and measure it.

Strategic Consultancy That Identifies Your Learning Needs & Skills Gaps

We recognize that the needs of every business and their learners are unique.

Our expert consultants will work collaboratively with you to get to the heart of what your learning and training needs to achieve. Our approaches include:

  1. Competency Frameworks and Mapping
  2. Training Needs Analysis
  3. Curriculum Design

All of our methodologies follow the same principles:

  • We start by identifying your learner, learning, and business performance requirements
  • We focus on the skills and capability gaps
  • Our framework solutions will bridge these gaps. They will guide your strategic decision-making as you develop curricula and content

The Foundations of Your Learning Strategy

You need a high-performing workforce at every level, from your leadership down. The competencies and skills of your people, put into practice, will drive your business goals.

We’ll work closely with you to map the skills, attitudes, behaviors and performance requirements of your workforce against your strategic objectives.

Our approaches will give you the foundation of understanding that will underpin your learning strategy. We will answer "what do our people need to do their job effectively?"

We’ll tailor your framework to your needs and can work with you at a number of levels:

  • Individual job roles
  • Faculty and skill-based teams
  • Department-level
  • Organization-wide

While analytical approaches such as ours have been the basis for learning strategies for many years, we’ve seen clients revolutionize their learning programs by revisiting the needs from a refreshed performance perspective.

Our Competency Frameworks Deliver Big Results

We can also benchmark against and focus on a specific challenge. We can help:

  • Increase learner speed to competency

  • Decrease time spent in training

  • Deliver measurable cost savings to the business.

And our methodologies have been tested with global organizations, at scale. We’ve applied our approaches to countless challenges, spanning many sectors.

Addressing Skills Gaps: How We Do It

You may already have a framework in place. If so, great—we’ll start with that. And if you don’t, it’s not a problem. We’re highly experienced in developing complex, ground-up reports, maps, and plans.

Our approaches adopt the same rigorous steps:

Planning and Design: Your business objectives, context, and learning goals shape our approach from the start.

Research: We combine a data-led approach (from your learning management systems and platforms, HR, and business systems) with workshops, focus groups and interviews with staff and stakeholders to assess the performance or training needs for each role.

Analysis: We crunch the data and use our extensive experience to create meaningful insights on the skills and behavior shifts your business now needs to drive change and growth.

The outputs will vary according to which methodology is right for you:

Competency Framework

We create an implementation-ready framework that defines performance benchmarks for each key role in your business.

Training Needs Analysis

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. But as a guide, our reports may include:

  • Evaluation of current learning solutions
  • Your learners’ performance, knowledge, and skills needs at a granular level
  • Recommendations on how to bridge the gaps
  • A cost-benefit analysis of proposed solutions
  • Guidance on non-learning solutions and other required actions
  • A benchmark for future learning performance

Curriculum Design

We’ll map the learning journeys and components into a curriculum (at whatever scale) that will form the basis of your learning service. This might be engaging eLearning, rich-media digital assets, face-to-face workshops or multi-modal blended learning experiences.

Contact us today to see how we can help identify and map your learning needs.

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