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Powerful Video & Animation for eLearning

Video and Animation: Universal Formats Loved by Learners

Video serves many critical purposes in learning today. It’s a flexible, cost-effective, and ubiquitous medium that can be used powerfully to create the right impact at the right time.

Your learners love it as it’s a medium they’re familiar with. Learning designers love it as they can deliver complex information in a concise way. Storytelling that’s relatable and emotive makes it a critical tool to drive behavior change.

Effective video isn’t necessarily about cinematic-style productions and big budgets either. Simple, user-generated content from a peer can also instantly command your learners’ attention.

It’s this deep understanding of the medium that sets LEO Learning apart. Our dedicated, in-house team of video and animation gurus understand your learners’ needs. We'll bring your video and animation vision to life.

Cost-Effective Video & Animation for Learning

Our in-house video and animation team sets us apart from the competition. They work directly with our learning designers to get to the heart of your learning goals and requirements. No external agencies—nothing to get lost in translation.

The good news? You don’t need a Hollywood budget to benefit from our broadcast-level production facilities. If there’s a simple and effective solution, we’ll tell you.

Whatever your requirements, our production team, which includes camera operators, directors, scriptwriters, editors, and animators will deliver lasting results.

Learning Video That Meets the Expectations of Today’s Learners

The beauty of video for learning is that we use it in our everyday life. So your learners already expect to absorb information this way.

Video is a powerful part of a blended learning approach that supports micro-learning. Your learners, for example, can watch a 60-second video from an expert on their mobile, at the very moment they require that information.

  • Tell powerful stories that drive and embed behavior change

  • Immerse learners in thought-provoking scenarios

  • Communicate your organization’s vision, values, and strategy

  • Embrace familiar, low-cost formats that connect learners with specialists and peers

Stories Share Knowledge

What Types of Learning Video Do We Offer?

We produce a huge range of video styles, that fall into four main categories:

Drama Video

Written by professional dramatists and scriptwriters. We understand how to create stories that drive emotional engagement. Whatever the scale or the location, our drama content delivers realistic situations that learners instantly relate to.

Factual Video

From expert and senior team interviews to promotional videos and product demonstrations. Modern animation overlays can add additional information, creating moving infographics that enhance the learning still further.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is a highly-engaging way of delivering short scenario-based learning integrated within a video file (*link). We weave together powerful narratives with realistic decision points that truly challenge learners.

Immersive 360 Video

This video format allows full immersion in the content—the learner is surrounded by a visual environment, with no distractions. This is especially useful for recreating an experience for training purposes, such as hazard-spotting. We can create interactions within these environments, as well as visually rich presentations.

Want to delve deeper? Our blog explores how L&D teams can evaluate their video learning requirements.

Why Is Animation so Effective for Digital Learning?

Animation within eLearning blends visuals, text, and narrative to create a compelling and powerful learning experience.

  • Animation helps to easily explain complex issues and concepts, at low cost and high value
  • Carefully designed animations make the process of eLearning engaging and interactive
  • Creative animation styles can be used to bring an element of levity and humor to the eLearning experience
  • Your internal brand can shape the visual experience and reinforce your brand identity

Want to delve deeper? Our blog explores how L&D teams can choose an appropriate style of animation for their learning program.

Video & Animation for eLearning

If you want to bring your video and animation to life, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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