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Powerful Video for Engaging eLearning

Video serves many critical purposes in learning today. It’s a flexible, cost-effective, and ubiquitous medium that can be used to create the right impact at the right time. Storytelling that’s relatable and emotive makes it a powerful tool to drive behavior change for your learners.

Our dedicated, in-house team of video gurus understands your learners’ needs and will bring your video vision to life.

Learning Video That Meets the Expectations of Your Learners

Video is a powerful part of a blended learning approach that supports microlearning. For example, your learners can watch a 60-second video from an expert on their mobile, at the very moment they require that information.

Our in-house video team works directly with our learning designers to get to the heart of your learning goals and requirements.

The good news? You don’t need a Hollywood budget to benefit from our broadcast-level production facilities.

Types of Video for Your Learning

We produce a huge range of video styles, designed to engage your learners and provide the best learning experience. These video styles fall into four main categories:

Drama Video

Our professional producers and scriptwriters understand how to create stories that drive emotional engagement among your learners. Whatever the scale or the location, our drama content delivers realistic situations that your learners can instantly relate to.

Factual Video

Our team has experience in everything from senior management interviews to promotional videos and product demonstrations. Modern animation overlays can add additional information, creating moving infographics that further enhance the learning.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is a highly engaging way of delivering short scenario-based learning integrated within a video. Powerful narratives with realistic decision points will truly challenge your learners.

Immersive 360 Video

This video format allows full immersion in the content—your learner is surrounded by a visual environment, with no distractions. This is especially useful for recreating an experience for training purposes, such as hazard-spotting. Interactions within these environments, as well as visually-rich presentations, will allow your learners to take their knowledge to the next level.

If you want to bring your video to life, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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