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Strategic Learning Design and Innovation

Learning Strategy Design and Innovation That Drives Business Performance

At LEO we have an innovative, industry-leading consultancy team. With over three decades of experience, we’ve tried and tested many approaches, allowing us to get to the heart of what you really need.

Our world-class consultants will work with you to develop learning strategies that will help transform your organization through learning.

Creating the Right Strategic Learning Design and Innovation Solution for Your Learners

Transforming Your Organization Through Learning

Globalization, speed, and complexity present unique challenges that impact your entire business. To adapt, you need a radical and forward-thinking strategy for learning, knowledge, and performance management. Work with us to identify an innovative learning transformation strategy that will deliver real progress in your organization.

Training Needs Analysis and Competency Frameworks That Drive Your Learning

Create the foundations for your learning strategy, design, and delivery with our world-class consultancy service. We’ll work with you to identify and map your learning needs and skills gaps.

Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

Demonstrate the ROI, impact, and success of learning in your organization. With cutting-edge technology, you can measure the business impact of learning and create a design-by-data approach that informs and evidences your decision-making.

Innovation Workshops for Collaborative and Creative Visioning

Our game-changing innovation workshops are highly creative and focused environments where we’ll help you formulate visionary strategies. Collaborative and creative visioning workshops allow you to explore innovative solutions to your challenges.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Learning

Demonstrate the impact of your learning programs, harness the power of data, analytics, and reporting for learning, and inform your decision-making.


L&D Capability Building: Giving You the Skills to Deliver Effective Digital Learning

Upskill your L&D teams on essential skills, deliver effective digital learning, with capability-building workshops for every situation, from L&D transformation to content authoring.

Get in Touch Today to See How LEO Learning Can Help You on Your Strategic Learning Design and Innovation Journey

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