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The range of experience, skills, and knowledge required to deliver effective, global learning today can feel overwhelming. But together, we can make things happen.

Our innovation workshop is a highly creative and focused environment where our experience and your ideas are shared, and visionary strategies formulated.

LEO Innovation Workshops to Reach Your Full Potential

Our innovation workshops are based on a tried-and-tested approach that funnels and combines exploratory, creative thinking and analytical processes. These sessions are highly collaborative, and are a key way we work together with our clients to:

  • Allow you to tap into our 30+ years of experience, working with the best of the best
  • Open the minds of attendees and encourage stakeholders to contribute to their full potential

Workshops Designed to Compliment Your Business

Our workshops are fully flexible (we design them with you) but we use tried-and-tested approaches and themes that include design thinking, storytelling and exposition (what you might call show and tell!) to structure the sessions.

We can focus on exploring wide-ranging concepts such as visioning and “art of the possible”, to solving specific challenges such as:

  • Strategic business process design
  • Persona and audience mapping
  • Blend and learning journey design
  • Touchpoint story mapping
  • Scenario, game and campaign concept design

We have a number of set workshop formats. These can be stand-alone or form part of an exciting strategic engagement process.

These include:

The Art of the Possible: Key Trends and Blends

A presenter-led workshop that explores current key trends and innovations in learning strategy, learning technology, and learning design. We will work with your team to reflect, build, and take away a high-level picture of a future learning ecosystem that will engage and motivate your learners.

Visioning Workshops

A full-day team visioning session will develop a shared vision and picture of your strategy, architecture, and your learner and organizational experience of the future.

Blend Foundations Workshop 1: Building Blends That Work

A half-day team workshop that specifically looks at blended and omnichannel learning strategies, leading to a clear understanding of how to build future blends to ensure your learners’ success.

Blend Foundations Workshop 2: An Introduction to Blended Learning Design

A full-day workshop that takes your team through the first steps in how to design a blend that works for your learners. This includes a defined output—the design of a series of re-usable blend patterns for your organization.

Blend Foundation Workshop 3: Foundations of Blend Component Design

A full-day team workshop that provides a quick view of best practice in the design and delivery of key blend components, including:

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