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Organizations are under increasing pressure to measure the impact of their learning programs and prove value. Thankfully, a Learning Record Store (LRS) has emerged as the key to collecting, visualizing, and analyzing learning data.

We’ve worked with a number of LRSs, but we’re particularly proud to work with the popular enterprise-ready LRS, Watershed.

The Benefits of an LRS

Traditionally, a Learning Management System (LMS) reports only on the data and activity within that system. This limits your ability to track the full range of learning happening across the organization.

An LRS, however, enables you to capture and track a greater range of information about your learners and their activity across multiple systems—including your LMS—in a central location.

Digital learning data

Supporting a New Culture of Learning

Using xAPI, a flexible eLearning standard capable of recording the fine detail of learning interactions no matter where and when they happen, your LRS will support a whole new approach to learning.

Measure Learning and Impact

With data in hand, you now have the ability to transform your learning by measuring your learners’ engagement, progress, and performance, and the learning’s impact on business KPIs.

Present Data

An LRS allows you to investigate, visualize, and present your learning data clearly and easily. Learning measurement and data strategies help to grow your organization, we can help you transform your measurement approach in our innovation workshops.

Milestones and Benchmarks

You can see how your programs, resources, learners, and groups are performing in real time against defined milestones and benchmarks.

Learn More About Watershed

Working with LEO and Watershed, you can be confident you’re partnering with the leaders in this field, with deep experience of what works in practice, both from a technology and process perspective.

Ready to prove your learning program’s effectiveness?

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