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Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Learning

Organizations have never been under so much pressure to measure the impact of their learning programs and prove value.

On top of this, the opportunities provided by a big data approach can offer the foundation for deeply accelerated learning of the future through ‘design by data’ processes or AI. Learning Record Stores (LRS) are the key to collecting, visualizing, and analyzing learning data today.

At LEO Learning, we’ve worked with a number of emerging LRSs, but we’re particularly proud to work with the world’s most popular enterprise-ready LRS from our sister company within LTG - Watershed.

The Benefits of an LRS

Traditionally, a Learning Management System (LMS) reports only on data within its system, limiting your ability to track all learning that’s happening across the organization.

An LRS, however, enables you to capture and track a greater range of information about your learners and their activities from multiple systems—including your LMS—in a central location. For example, an LRS can collect data about face-to-face training, learning accessed on-the-job and many other learning touchpoints or learner activities. This means you have deeply valuable insights into both your learners and learning programs.

Learning Record Stores also enable you to aggregate data from existing management information (MI) and business streams with learning data. As a result, with a best-in-class LRS, the full range of both formal and informal learning activities can be measured, visualized and reported against hard business performance data—in one central location.

Supporting a New Culture of Learning

Using xAPI, the eLearning specification that enables the collection of data from across your learning systems, your LRS will unleash a whole new approach to learning. And with data in hand, you now have the ability to measure not only your learners’ engagement, progress, and performance, but also the impact on business KPIs.

This is a real game-changer, as both businesses and learning departments can immediately see where the value is. So businesses can invest in the future while continually improving their workforce, and learners can receive learning that really works for them. Learning Record Stores are delivering on the transformation to a data- and evidence-driven world of learning.

Your Customized Dashboards

LRSs such as Watershed allow you to manipulate, visualize, and present your learning data clearly and easily. You can see how your programs and resources, learners and groups are performing in real time against defined milestones and benchmarks.

Learning Analytics Platforms such as Watershed’s also enables you to configure your own dashboard, specifically to your needs, using a range of graphical report types and tools. You can easily embed live interactive reports on learning platforms, learning management systems, and much more.

Beautifully Presented with Actionable Insights

An integrated report builder will also empower you to quickly dive even deeper into the detail of your learning data, so you can make informed decisions that power your next move.

In one award-winning learning program, a global technology supplier used 87,000 dynamic data points to compare learning scores and KPI trends. Set against company benchmarks, this allowed the organization to increase financial acumen and improve a wide range of other measures.

Harnessing the Power of LEO and Watershed

Watershed has actively been involved in the development of xAPI since its inception. LEO has been actively championing the measurement of learning globally since 2014.

Working with LEO and Watershed, you can be confident you’re partnering with the leaders in this field, with deep experience of what works in practice, both from a technology and process perspective.

Ready to prove your learning program’s effectiveness?

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