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Attitudes to measurement and data are changing as quickly as the technology is enabling it. In the same way that marketing departments have successfully leveraged data insights to position themselves as an essential business function, L&D teams can now do the same.

Learning Measurement Is in Our DNA

At the start of every project, we ask “How will we know it’s working?”

We want you to consider how you will measure learning success right from the start. It’s ingrained in our DNA, and by opening up this conversation with you, we make sure our design responds to your real needs.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to integrate measurement and data strategies into their learning programs. From first steps to global system and learning ecosystem overhauls, we share our expertise and help change the way our customers work and think.

Read about the value we place on measurement and data analytics in learning in our annual ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning in 2022' report.

Learning Measurement and Data Strategies to Help Your Organization Grow

Measuring the business impact of learning is essential for:

  • Knowing whether and how your learning is working
  • Being able to report and measure training effectiveness
  • Providing the basis for decision-making and continuous improvement for learning transformation
  • Collecting data—the foundation of your future learning design and strategy

These essential ingredients have a positive impact and drive your learning transformation within your business. Foster your measurement and data strategies, and you lay the foundations that promote continued training and development for your learners, and real, lasting organizational change.

Workshops That Transform Your Approach to Measurement

We love to share our expertise and passion for measurement in our innovation workshops. We cover everything from measurement strategy to technologies and systems, and create workshops according to your needs.

Our capability workshops will give your learning professionals the skills, knowledge, and competencies they need to engage your learners and drive your business forward.

Discover how LEO Learning can make data and measurement work for you

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