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Measuring the Business Impact of Learning

The digital learning space has seen several revolutions over the years, from the first digital classrooms to today’s advanced ecosystems. Yet right now we still face arguably the biggest challenge to date: how do we measure the impact of learning? How do we show our stakeholders their ROI on training?

L&D professionals have historically struggled to paint a true picture of how their learning programs are helping an organization meet its objectives. Traditional ROI metrics only tell a limited story, and gathering and integrating broader data strategies can require new tools and skill sets.

But attitudes to measurement and data are changing as quickly as the technology is enabling it. In the same way that marketing departments have successfully leveraged data insights to position themselves as an essential business function, L&D teams can now do the same.

Why Are Measurement and Data Strategies Important for Learning?

Measuring the business impact of learning is essential for:

  • Knowing whether and how your learning is working
  • Being able to report and measure training effectiveness
  • Providing the basis for decision-making and continuous improvement for learning transformation
  • Collecting data—the foundation of your future learning design and strategy

As part of the bigger picture, these are all essential ingredients that support and drive your learning transformation. Get your measurement and data strategies right, and you lay the foundations that promote continued organizational change.

Learning Measurement Is in Our DNA

At the start of every project, we ask “How will we know it’s working?”

We want you to consider how you will measure learning success right from the start. It’s ingrained in our DNA, and by opening up this conversation with you, we make sure our design responds to your real needs.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to integrate measurement and data strategies into their learning programs. From first steps to global system and ecosystem overhauls, we share our expertise and help change the way our clients work and think.

Industry Insights from Our Learning Measuring Survey

The value we place on measurement and data analytics in learning is reflected in our annual ‘Measuring the Business Impact of Learning’ survey and report.

With a total sample size of over 1,300 global learning professionals since 2016, we’ve built a compelling body of evidence on measurement trends and attitudes. This real-world feedback on attitudes, challenges, and activity feeds into our constantly-evolving approach to data strategies.

Our thought leaders have created a variety of webinars, infographics, ebooks, and blog posts on how to measure learning impact.

Visioning and Action Planning

Clarify your goal and how to get there. Our measurement experts will help you:

Understand Your Starting Point

  • Align stakeholders around a shared view of how to use data-driven learning to transform business performance

Define Your Vision

  • Develop your vision and document the strategy to deliver it
  • Assess the barriers and opportunities that could help or hinder your goals

Document Your Plan of Action

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how the gaps can be closed
  • Design a two-year roadmap to deliver to your strategy

Grow Measurement Capabilities and Road Test Your Strategy

Our experts will empower you to move forward by upskilling your team and embedding the tools and processes needed to implement your successful measurement strategy.

Design Processes and Tools

  • Define the specific processes and tools that will work for you

Upskill your Team

  • Develop consulting skills to ensure your team is comfortable having business performance conversations with operational managers
  • Build up vital measurement capabilities—such as using data to design effective learning blends
  • Enable teams to communicate powerful stories of business impact

Run a Pilot

Design a pilot that road tests your measurement strategy

Scale Up and Roll Out

Now you’re ready to scale up and embed your strategy within the business. The third step of our program will prepare your team for a full-scale rollout.

Conduct a Big Data ‘Deep-Dive’

  • Establish how to access, extract, and analyze the key business and learning data streams you need
  • Put in place the processes and technologies that enable you to collect critical KPIs at scale

Prepare for Rollout

  • Use insights from the pilot to finalize your measurement strategy
  • Refine your approach to analysis and reporting
  • Document detailed business and technical requirements to support buy/build decisions

Workshops That Transform Your Approach to Measurement

We love to share our expertise and passion for measurement in our workshops. We cover everything from measurement strategy to technologies and systems, and create our workshops according to your needs.

Our capability workshops will give your L&D professionals the skills, knowledge and competencies they need to drive your business forward.

The LEO Learning team supported us with the initial processes ahead of developing a strategy to start measuring the business impact of learning. The workshop enabled the Veolia team to come together and develop a really practical output.

- Veolia

‘Design by Data’ - Exciting Future From Today’s Investments

We can’t write about measurement and data without considering the exciting future possibilities it brings. Establishing data collection and measurement analysis has plenty of short-term benefits, but also provides the evidence we need as we move decision-making from continuous improvement to a ‘design by data’ approach.

‘Design by data’ is a term we use to describe learning design supported by the intelligent systems that will give learners the information and learning they need to perform at the highest level, based on the ‘big data’ around performance success. .

Learn more in our ebook ‘Connected Learning: How to Harness the Power of Social, Data and Networks

Work With the Experts in the Field

As part of Learning Technologies Limited (LTG), we’re uniquely positioned to help you deliver and implement an end-to-end strategy that will transform your organization. Our partners include Rustici Software, leaders in xAPI technology, and Watershed, industry-leading Learning Analytics Platform experts.

Discover how LEO Learning can make data and measurement work for you.

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