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Your organization faces rapid change. Globalization, speed, and complexity present unique challenges that impact your entire business. To adapt, you need a radical and forward-thinking strategy for learning, knowledge, and performance management.

We have created a way of working with you to deploy a learning strategy to your organization that will be social, data-led, and engaging for your learners.

A Framework to Drive Your Digital Learning Transformation

Developed over 30+ years, our digital Transformation Model brings together our strategic design, development and implementation, evaluation, and data and analytics methodologies.

Our model blends together the key ingredients for your organization’s success:

  • A balance of learner and business needs
  • An optimal mix of best practices in strategic thinking, technology, and content
  • Growth, delivery, and evolution based on data

The model takes you from strategic design methodology into implementation, and focuses on continued decision-making, improvement, and change, to help transform your organization.

A Learning Transformation Process to Bring Business Results

Inquire - Exploring Your Learning Environment

Our Inquire process develops a deep understanding of all aspects of your current learning environment and needs.

We look at everything from your technologies and content, to behaviors and culture. We combine this with your strategic, organizational goals and challenges to set the context of your requirements.

Our tried-and-tested methods may include:

Design - Collaborative Thinking for Clear Vision

This is where we collaborate and explore using our innovation-led sessions. We use a variety of techniques to uncover different insights, all of which feed into your solution.

Our methods may include:

  • Discovery & innovation sessions
  • Design thinking processes
  • Story mapping
  • Concept design and prototyping
  • Blended learning strategies and blend pattern design

Activate - How We Help You Deliver Your Vision

This is where we package your strategy for fast and effective implementation.

We also understand getting buy-in from the wider business can be a challenge. We’ll arm you with everything you need to make a compelling case.

Strategy Presentations

Your strategy may need to be presented, cascaded, or reviewed to be approved. We’ll provide you with rich, clear visuals that articulate your vision and help you sway your crucial stakeholders.

Outputs Tailored to Your Needs

The outputs of your strategic thinking need to be clear, actionable, fit-for-audience, and practical. We focus on checklists, templates, and exemplars where appropriate.

Outputs may include:

  • Guidelines
  • Models
  • Manuals
  • Roadmaps
  • Process designs

Implement - Bringing Your Learning Strategy to Life

This is where we start to transform your learning in practice. We implement the components, assets, media, blends, and tools that will bring your vision to life.

Our breadth of content design and delivery skills include:

  • Support resources
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Delivery platforms
  • Management systems
  • Learning experience platforms (LXPs)

Evaluate - Using Data to Inform Your Learning Transformation

Using learner data, you can measure their activities against the goals set in the ‘Inquire’ and ‘Design’ stages. You can see if your learners are on track to support your business goals—and adjust your trajectory if not.

Data and measurement is your L&D team’s best friend. It informs, validates, and provides confidence in your decision-making. As you iterate to find the most effective way to drive behavioral change, your learner journey and efficiency will improve.

Sustain - Adopting a Continuous Improvement Mindset

Taking the insights gained from the evaluation stage, ‘Sustain’ is a highly practical step to continued success. Your learning pathways will be improved, tools and content streamlined for growth, and next steps will be roadmapped.

Here we see if your original learner goals are still aligned with strategy. How do they need to adjust? Have the goalposts shifted? Our models adapt as your business and learning needs evolve.

This is where we complete the full circle in our model. With clarity of vision and lessons learned, you’re now ready to take the next important steps on your transformation journey.

Get in touch today to see how LEO Learning can help you on your learning transformation journey

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